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This publication is a reference overview to the human anatomy for artists.

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The technique here is a part-by-part look at the various section of the body. Every area focused has shown muscles and also bones v accompanying picture of a design by the side. We can plainly see where different layers of muscles space attached to the skeleton The photograph reference is really useful and also provides clarity than utilizing illustrations alone.

The fence is the writer isolates the components too much. If the object is on the arm, just the arm is shown with very tiny of the shoulder. Amazingly, there are no complete body illustration showing the muscles. The only full body illustrations show the schematic form, e.g. Muscle boundaries. For this reason while every part is explained and also illustrated well, it"s still a bit difficult to obtain the entirety picture.

Most the the instances are static. The human body is not doing anything. Again, it"s difficult to see how the body really works when place in different positions like walking, sitting or twisting. Well, this is a recommendation book, for bodies in various positions, it"s far better to gain a figure drawing book that concentrates on poses and also gesture drawing.

Also, a good bulk the the instances are for masculine bodies. That would have been perfect if an ext female bodies were consisted of for comparison.

The accompanying message is an extensive in explaining the structure and also how the components work.

Ultimately, this is a really useful anatomy reference publication for any kind of artists that wish to look increase any part of the body. It"s recommended for beginner to progressed artists.

5 out of 5 stars.







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