The winners for this week’s LWIAY episode are GalaxZekrom, Sketchy-Linez and CanMyPenisKissYours. A substantial round of applausage to the winners and also a heat and also cozy merry Christmregarding every one of you on befifty percent of the BrofistCoin team.

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Watch the LWIAY episode from Dec 21, 2018

Our tradition developed AI bot that scans all the LWIAY episodes on Youtube (true story) had the ability to make out 37 epic memes this week. The optimal three memes received 61031, 50772 and 50588 upvotes respectively. Now that’s the majority of upvotes!



The distribution chart for 100 BrofistCoinLWIAY Winners


Now that’s simply sad.. Congratulations GalaxZekrom for spreading this sad message. You have actually just won 37.6 BrofistCoin.

#2 meme — I made this for Pewds and Marzia’s wedding please let him see it give thanks to (Link)


Now that’s some optimal quality fan art best tbelow. Always happy to view some actual talent in the LWIAY for a readjust. Thank you Sketchy-Linez, exceptionally cool. You have simply won 31.3 BrofistCoin.

#3 meme — The initially picture that pops up when you search for Pewdiepie on Google is the one that the media keeps utilizing. Let’s readjust that 9 year old army. (Link)


What a brilliant idea! This photo couldn’t describe PewDiePie any kind of much better. I’ve tagged the photo “PewDiePie” so I’m doing my component, right? Wait let me simply say PewDiePie another time just in instance. PewDiePie.

Congratulations CanMyPenisKissYours, you have actually won 31.2 BrofistCoin with this epic meme.

How to insurance claim BrofistCoin?

BrofistCoin is a fan made meme cryptocurrency token developed on the Ethereum platform so you will certainly require an Ethereum address to hold, send and get BrofistCoin. You deserve to easily gain one from

Another method is to install a internet browser plugin referred to as MetaMask which will firstly generate you your extremely own Ethereum wallet, however secondly will certainly enable you to browse various web3 applications like CryptoKitties, KnownOrigin, OpenSea, and so on And will certainly also allow you to play our upcoming ultra fun meme trading cards game (I have no concept when it will be ready, but I’m doing the finest I have the right to believe me please)

Anyway, when you have your Ethereum deal with all you must perform is sfinish it to me on reddit (brofistcoinio) from the same account you offered to post the winning meme. I will certainly then carry out the deliver within a pair of hours.

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Note: Receiving tokens is absolutely free, but in order to sfinish it to other addresses you will require a small bit of Ether to cover the transactivity fees to the miners. It’s typically not more than a pair of cents worth though.