And God is able to make all elegant abound toward you, that ye, constantly having every sufficiency in all points , may abound in every an excellent work.

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~ 2 Cor. 9:8

I understand A man Who Canby Jimmie Davis and also Jack Campbell

I can’t take a heart that’s broken, make it over againBut I know a man who can.(And) ns can’t take a spirit that’s sin-sick make it whiter 보다 snowBut I know a guy who can.

Chorus:Some call him Saviour, the redeemer of menBut I call him Jesus for he’s mine dearest friend.When you feel no one can aid you and your life is the end of handI know a male who can.

I can’t go upon the waters or calm the raging seaBut I understand a guy who can.And ns can’t cause blind eye to open up or make the lame come walk againBut I know a man who can.

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CategoriesI song titles, M - R TagsBut I call him Jesus for he’s mine dearest friend, however I understand a man who can, Comfort, i can’t take a love that’s damaged make it over again, I recognize A male Who can song, Jesus, Some call him Saviour the redeemer of men, song by Jimmie Davis and also Jack Campbell

10 Replies come “I understand A man WhoCan”

Carol Taylor
May 5, 2020 at 8:22 pm

This song “I recognize a guy who can” has actually been together a blessing come me. The indigenous of the song are for this reason real and also i deserve to identify with the words.

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Margaret Bartlett says:
May 30, 2021 at 12:03 am

Gracie Lawson what a blessing to here her sing this she is the best

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Art Peterson says:
Jul 12, 2021 in ~ 9:55 pm

So so Pretty, this track touches my heart strings. Elegant Larson sings it an extremely well.. I can’t wait to obtain the CD….

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