I prefer my womales like I prefer my whiskey. 12 years old and also blended up with coke.Disclaimer: This is just a joke, i do not condone the practice of mixing whisvital through coke.

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I prefer my coffee like I choose my womales Purchased cheaply after having been increased in exploitative conditions.Edit: wow, front page through an "I prefer my coffee choose I favor my women" joke. You have to all be ashamed of yourselves!

I prefer my woguys choose I favor my microwaves... Cold on the external, warm on the inside, and willing and also able to kill any baby I put inside them.

I like my women favor I favor my wine 12 years old and also locked in the basementEdit:I like the majority of points without dicks aswell

I favor my womales choose I like my coffee. Thrvery own into a burlap sack and also transported illegally across Central America.

I prefer my woguys favor I prefer my coffee. I have a deep respect for coffee and would certainly never before discriminate versus coffee based upon its sex.

I favor my women choose I prefer my marijuana... Chopped into tiny pieces and also shed to ashes without the police ever finding out.

I choose my women how I choose my light bulbs... Not also bideal, straightforward to rotate on and hanging from electrical wire in my basement.

I favor my womales prefer I prefer my phones Thin, smart, imported from Japan, and also in my pocket all the time.

I prefer my women as I prefer my pre-expansion universes So warm and also dense that it violates the Pauli exemption principle and requirements a far better expertise of the standard model

I favor my womales prefer I prefer my plastic wrap. Clingy, simple to take care of, and also microwave and also freezer tested.

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I favor my coffee exactly how I prefer my womales Dark, delicate, and shipped to me in a box straight from Colombia

I like my woguys just how I favor my... Napkins. One. Forever before. Crmodify to my frifinish. We we"re eating at Freebirds.

How I respond when civilization make fun of me for liking Guiness I like my beer favor I choose my woguys. Babsence and also heavy.

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