A many of human being may call me vain and also shallow, but always leaving the home looking my finest has worked pretty fine so much in mine life and I don’t setup on stopping.

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I feel more confident once I’m dressed up.

Fashion therapy is a actual thing, people! when I put on something the I know flatters me, i feel so lot better. Throw in glowing colors and I’ll have a fabulous day. I’ve never met a woman that left the home in ill-fitting slacks, an old t-shirt, and house shoes and also felt great. She might feel comfortable and defiant, but not confident. I constantly want to feeling confident, for this reason I carry out what I must do come ensure that’s the case.

People treat you much better when you’re pull up.

I recognize it’s what’s on the inside that counts, yet everyone judges by the outside first. If you walk into a restaurant looking homeless, world are going come treat you choose a homeless person. If you walk in looking put-together, then you’ll get much much better treatment. Hey, the world’s a harsh place—I’m just doing my part to have a smoother ride.

I don’t want to make people uncomfortable.

 You’re standing at the bus stop and here comes a guy or festival in saggy clothes with no underwear on. Uh, WTF? I can never perform that—my mama raised me better! Why don’t us all dress in a way that won’t make people uncomfortable? I recognize the above example is extreme, yet the point I’m trying to drive house is that as soon as you action out of her house, friend step right into a publicly space. It’s courteous to dress in a way that’s respectful.

I’d die if ns ran into one of my exes underdressed.

Yep, this is the shallow part of me, yet every woman has one. We’ve every been dumped unceremoniously, and running right into an ex is an emotional experience. Whenever ns run right into an ex or someone that was super average to me native high school, I want to look mine best. It’s my means of saying, “I’m tho standing in spite of the fill of crap you shoved ~ above me.” The last point you want is to be looking a mess and also for them to pile on an ext hate.

I want to tempt high caliber world into my life.

I’m always looking come make more friends—life is just happier with more love in it. Due to the fact that I’m no in an open up relationship, that pipeline friendship as my resource of extra love. Nobody sees an underdressed person and also says, “Yup, that human would make a an excellent caring friend.” most of the time, they’d think that human is a mess. Let’s protect against blaming people for blowing us off as soon as the way we dress doesn’t connect our many positive values.

I don’t desire to embarrass mine boyfriend.

mine boyfriend and also I spend rather a little of time together. While ns don’t desire to be a trophy on his arm, I desire him to be proud to present me come people. I have actually no trouble presenting my boyfriend to acquaintances we run into. Why? because he takes treatment with his appearance, and I want to reciprocate that. Ns don’t want to allow myself go and also then wonder why my partnership ended.

Dressing increase keeps things in my connection fresh.

Dressing up isn’t just for the an initial date or the bedroom, ladies! looking your ideal makes girlfriend feel better and the reminds your partner of why they’re so damn attracted come you. Friend don’t need to dress sexy, simply in things that flatter you. Yes. Relationships room all around love and acceptance. But getting the spark back, ~ you’ve lost it, is a high task. Do yourself a favor and also keep the spark alive.

I’d dislike to lose an possibility by being underdressed.

I’m on my grind and also I’m constantly looking to relocate up. I’d hate to run right into a potential organization partner underdressed. No one desires to provide money to someone that doesn’t look choose they can take care of themselves, much less a business. Ns don’t know around you, but I desire to provide myself every benefit I can get.

I desire to draw positivity mine way.

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once you put out positivity, positivity finds its method back come you. Once I get dressed up, i feel great about myself. That helps me have much more positive interaction with other people. They, in turn, send more positivity earlier to me. It’s a beautiful cycle and I never want it to end. Is dressing up that important? Hell yes! Why wouldn’t you desire to feel much better about yourself and have other human being treat girlfriend better? shot it and also watch just how your week goes.

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