In honor of proud month, I wanted to share some of the best scenes that my absolute favorite TV couple, "Gallavich" indigenous "Shameless."

They are, in mine opinion the finest queer pair on television to date. Not just were they an extremely beautiful, twisted couple- they represented a queer couple more realistically than most televisions mirrors in the past. They were not illustrated as the "stereotypical gay couple," or a pair that consists of one hypermasculine man, one hyperfeminine man, like in Will and Grace. Their love seemed raw, real, and also kept us at the edge of ours seat. Transparent seven seasons of "Shamless," Mickey and also Ian have made us squeal with joy, laugh, and cry.

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Additionally, the display portrays real difficulties that queer couples face, such as: accepting your sexuality, coming out, and also backlash indigenous the family. No matter if the creators that the show decide to proceed on with the relationship, at least "Gallavich" stood for the LGBT ar as correctly as feasible for so countless seasons.

Here are the finest things about Mickey and also Ian"s relationship:

1. Once Mickey gets the end of juvie

In season three, after Mickey is released from juvie, he claims to Ian, "I missed you." This is the is very first time the Mickey openly admits having any type of feelings because that Ian. This is the moment that i knew their partnership was going to turn right into something an ext than just a hookup.

2. Their first Kiss

In previous scenes, Mickey asks why Ian is resting with an older man. Ian responds with, "he"s no afraid come kiss me." Later, together they room robbing the larger man"s house, Mickey runs back into the car and also kisses Ian because that the an initial time. It"s among the cutest scenes I"ve ever witnessed top top TV, and also made me squeal v joy.

3. Once Mickey rescues Ian from the club


This scene taken place after Ian came to be a stripper in Boystown. Ian is plainly going v a manic episode, and also is doing drugs, for this reason he is incoherent when Mickey tries to speak to him about where he has been. Ian passes the end so Mickey picks him up and takes him residence to treatment for him.

This step is particularly sweet come me due to the fact that they had actually been personal for rather some time, however Mickey still goes out of his lull zone right into a gay bar for the very first time to check and see if Ian is okay.

4. The shocking coming out scene

The scene that surprised us all. Ian says to Mickey the he is exhausted of gift a mistress, and starts come leave, once Mickey renders an advertise decision to tell his family that he is happy in stimulate to save Ian native leaving. It didn"t go also well, but the scene was extremely financially rewarding for the viewer, especially due to the fact that Mickey was rejecting his sexuality for so long.

5. And...the scene straight after coming out


To be honest, terrycloth beat the shit out of Mickey and also Ian after Mickey came out as gay. But, the turned the end for the best—Terry goes earlier to jail, Mickey is let off the hook, and also they space able to laugh the off. Pictured over is Ian kissing Mickey top top the forehead after ~ the bar fight.

6. The finest kiss scene EVER!

No explanation needed, simply watch it.

7. Once Mickey showed just how much that cares.

This is the very first time that Mickey admits that he loves Ian come the viewer. Mickey is stressed that Ian ran off through his infant son and cannot discover him, therefore he pipeline him this sweet message.

8. The heart pain you deserve to feel when Ian it s okay checked right into the hospital.

When Ian checks himself right into a psychiatric hospital, Mickey comes with him to comfort him. As they to speak goodbye to one another, you can feel the sadness pouring out native both of them—Mickey, since he feels the he cannot assist Ian acquire better, and Ian blames self for all of the trouble he has actually put Mickey and also his family members through.

9. Once Mickey comes over and apologizes after Ian is exit from the hospital.

Mickey goes AWOL because that a while since he can"t attend to Ian"s bipolar diagnosis, but once the realizes that he needs to it is in there because that Ian, he comes over and also apologizes, lays down through Ian and kisses that on the forehead. *Heart eye emoji*

10. "Southside piece of trash" Scene


At this point, Mickey takes on the function of the caretaker as Ian war his psychological illness. Ian feels trapped in his illness, therefore he desires to relive old times by going to the bleachers and also drinking beer. Mickey alerts him no to drink ~ above his medication, and also that"s as soon as he flips the end at Mickey and asks whereby is the "shit talking, bitch slapping item of southern Side trash" that he dropped for.

11. The date that never ever happened

After drinking at the bleachers, Mickey and Ian realize the they have actually never even been top top a first date. They decision to walk on one at that moment, and also Mickey offers Ian a piggyback ride as they walk earlier to the house. However, the day never happens because Sammi interrupts calls MPs ~ above Ian. I"m sure every one of my other Shameless pan still feel the hate for Sammi, too.

12. "You"re under my skin" Scene

After Mickey breaks out indigenous jail, he reunites with Ian at your old hookup spot. Mickey invites Ian to come with him come Mexico, and then claims "I assumed a lot around you inside. You"re under my skin, man. The fuck have the right to I do?"

13. The goodbye step

UGH, simply thinking around this step is do me feel sad. Ian goes every the way to the mexican border v Mickey, just to realize the he can"t go with Mickey and also leave his life behind. They have actually an emotional last kiss, and also then Mickey claims (as he constantly does), "Fuck you, Gallagher" and drives away.

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Do girlfriend think the Mickey will make a comeback in season 8?

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