You know, castle say once a girl continuous rips top top a guy, it yes, really just means she has a crush on him.

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Yeah, but I wasn"t rippin" top top a guy.

I was rippin" on you.

Oh, yeah?

That"s right.

Hey, stop it, girlfriend two.

We gotta get through this and pick videos because that our following webcast.


Here"s one indigenous a kid Named, andy, who has a turtle.


Hi, icarly, and this is my pet turtle, his name is doctor Nub.

Doctor Nub?

No means that turtle checked out med school.

Roll over, doctor Nub.

Come on, boy, roll over.




Negative nine.



Here"s one native two men both named chris.

What-up, carly and sam?

What is up, yo?

I"m chris.

And i"m likewise chris.

And we"re best buds.


I prefer chris, but chris kind of creeps me out.

Not only are we ideal buds.

We"re also the world"s greatest meat drummers.

Meat drummers?

Okay, this is great. Ten.


And the ideal friend meat drummers gets to be on iCarly.

Yo, meat drummers.

Hey, speak of ideal friends, you know what today is?

The 25th?


No way.

What"s the 25th?

The five-year anniversary of as soon as sam and also I an initial met.

Yup. Ns remember it favor it to be only five years ago.

Hey, I"m Sam.

Hi, I"m Carly.

Can I have that sandwich?

No way, get your own.

You"re every right.

Wow. So, even ago then, you to be obnoxious and also aggressive.


Can you believe we ended up being friends a tuna sandwich?

And now, you hate tuna.


I hate the method that british chick In our background class states "tuna."

Oh, yeah.


Oh, I just adore tyoooon-uh.


Yeah, don"t pat along, every right?

Anyway, due to the fact that it"s our friendship anniversary, I gained you a little somethin".

Wait, you obtained me a present?


Oh, friend shouldn"t have actually gotten--gimme it.

Whoa, you gained me an iCarly t-shirt.

Look on the back.

Oh, it"s ours heads.

In shirt form.

This is for this reason insane.

Oh, it"s no big deal.

Oh, please. I love this.

How an excellent are you?

I don"t know.


Hey, you know what i"m gonna get you?

Oh, friend don"t have actually to obtain me--

Tickets come the Cuddlefish concert for next Friday night.

You and me, kid.

Well, that"d be awesome.

But, the concert"s been offered out for months.

You allow me worry around that.

I obtained ways, Carly Shay.

And you recognize what else i got?

Pimples on her butt?

He was clever to run.

In five, four, three, two.

I understand you see.

Somehow the civilization will change for me and also be therefore wonderful.

Live life, breath air.

I understand somehow we"re gonna get there. And feel for this reason wonderful.

It"s all for every real.

I"m informing you just exactly how I feel.

So wake up up the members of my nation.

It"s her time to be.

There"s no possibility unless you take it one.

And the time to see the far better side of every situation.

Some things room meant to be.

So provide it your best and also leave the remainder to me.

Leave it all to me.

Leave it all to me.

Just leave it every to me. ICarly S01E17 iDon"t want to hit Is Sam gone?

Yeah, she left.


Then i won"t be needing this.

I choose this song.

Pretty romantic, huh?

You feelin" the mood?

Yeah, I"m feeling the mood.

I"m sad.


I was simply at a funeral.

In the bathroom?


It"s because that my fish, reggie.

I loved that tiny guy.

Even together I dropped his lifeless carcass into the toilet.

You forgot to feed him again, didn"t you?

I"m not an excellent with pets that eat on a regular basis.

You"re happy you know exactly how to use the microwave.

I know, or rather I"d be waving goodbye native spencer"s toilet.

All right. You simply wait.

I"m gonna prove come you the I deserve to be a good, responsible fish owner.

No, you"re not getting an additional fish.

All right.

Starting ideal now.

I will not get another fish.




I don"t see--okay.

You currently bought an additional fish.

His name is swimmy.

Could friend step ago a few feet?

I gain asked that a lot.

Hey, rodney, can you hook me up through somethin"?

Sure, yet I"m with a customer appropriate now.

So, you gotta wait.


Ah. How around these?

Whoa, Laotian tissues.

They"re make from genuine peacock feathers.


Twenty bucks.


You care about your nose or not?

You swear they"re laotian?


I"ll take "em.

Look in ~ my foreign tissues.

Yes, her snot is really lucky. Bye.

So soft.

Nice shirt. ICarly. Awesome net show.


You men sell those shirts?

Nah, this is just one of a kind.

Listen, I require concert tickets.

You involved the best place.

I got Flaming Teeth, Backflesh, Yellow Day.

Cuddlefish. This Friday.

That"s a hard get.

How much?

Hundred bucks.

A hundred?


Well, I watch why they call you Rip-off Rodney.

It"s hurtful, however appropriate.

Whatever. Forget it.

I don"t have actually 200 bucks.


You up for a trade?

What do you want?

That shirt.


"cause icarly"s a hot web show.

The an ext popular it gets, the more the shirt will be worth.


Spencer, have you watched sam?

We obtained eight minutes till present time.

I haven"t watched her.

Where is she?

Ow, dang it.

What are you doing?

Well, because I keep forgetting to feeding my fish, I made decision to use my sculpting an abilities to build an automatically fish feeder.

Maybe now Swimmy won"t walk hungry.

Oh, no.

Sadly swimmy went very hungry.

This is brock.

You only had actually swimmy for two days.

His last 2 days, actually.

But that"s why I"m structure the fish feeder to avoid an additional fish funeral.

I"m here, I"m here. Don"t freak.

Do you realize the show starts in--

Four minutes.

I much better go polishing my lens.

Where to be you?

Why didn"t friend call?

Why are you wearing that shirt?

I am wearing this hideous shirt since I obtained these.

Oh, mine god.


Cuddlefish tickets.

Yeah, baby, let it out.

Where"d you obtain these?

They"re completely sold out.

That guy rodney from institution The dude that gets arrested every the time.

Oh, mine god, that must have charged you a fortune.


I traded him the shirts you offered me for the tickets.

You traded the shirt?



I"m not emotional your knuckles.

Why? They"re clean.

I washed lock yesterday, see?

How can you profession the shirt that I made for you to part sleazy kid?

Two minutes, guys.


I didn"t just offer it away.

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I traded the shirt for something you really wanted and also something we deserve to do together.