This to be the favourite chorus because that me and also my sister Zoe. Whenever the played, us stopped whatever we were doing to sing it. Give thanks to you Lord.

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If It had actually Not Been for The lord On mine SideIf it had not been, because that the mr on my sideTell me whereby would i be? wherein would i be?If it had actually not been for the mr on my sideTell me wherein would i be? where would i be?

He preserved my enemies awayHe permit the sunlight shine with a cloudy dayHe sheathe me in the cradle the his armsWhen the knew I’ve been battered and scarred.

If it had actually not been, for the lord on mine sideTell me wherein would ns be? where would ns be?

He never, never left me all aloneHe provided me a joy and also His peace I’ve never ever knownHe answered as soon as I knelt under to prayAnd through victory the Lord verified me the way.

If it had actually not been, for the mr on my sideTell me where would ns be? where would i be?

If it had actually not been, because that the mr on mine sideTell me where would ns be? wherein would ns be?Tell me whereby would ns be? whereby would ns be?

(source: Psalm 124:1-2)

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