I completed the video game using walkthrough native seia-saiga, and had all CGs unlocked.

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Figured it out. I had to complete a specific quest before getting into the routes. The one the was hinted in the indict section.

Figured the out. I had to finish a particular quest before getting right into the routes. The one that was hinted in the accuse section.


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To contextualise, his reply remained in regards come a CG. That is most likely that the event he mentions was the one that included the absent CG. It doesn"t typical it was necessary for the route.

Clear every movie and all scene, except because that 1 scene from Mahiru.

Someone to know to end up this scene?

Done all Movie

Mahiru lacking scene

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Any possibilities of that translated walkthrough ever happening? I"ve been trying really difficult to gain Ayame"s reverse confession, but it"s just not happening.

Any possibilities of that translated walkthrough ever happening? I"ve been trying really tough to obtain Ayame"s reverse confession, yet it"s simply not happening.

For Ayame’s one u require to acquire Yuuki’s grandpa come teach volleyball and additionally have her affection up to atleast ‘like’, much easier to obtain than Yuuki’s one

Glad to view I"m not the only one through a beef because that the dating sim elements.In mine case, i"ll simply wait patiently it spins a sort soul, well versed in these types of gamings (or simply a many of cost-free time)concocts a proper walkthrough. Meanwhile, omitted text and trying different selections seems to it is in the only effective means to explore the routes.

For Ayame’s one u need to gain Yuuki’s grandpa come teach volleyball and additionally have she affection up to atleast ‘like’, much less complicated to gain than Yuuki’s one

Glad to check out I"m no the only one with a beef because that the dating sim elements... skipping text and also trying different selections seems to be the just effective method to explore the routes.

I would find it a lot less appalling if I can open the food selection in the choice screen. Being unable to pack from over there is the worst. 

That"s part 4D chess level pathfinding, an excellent god.

I would discover it a lot less appalling if I could open the menu in the choice screen. Gift unable to load from there is the worst. 

Afaik just do the step "Greatest crisis of mine life" complied with by "Grandpa attacks" the should cause the additional volleyball ingredient (Btw necessary scenes are constantly labled with a "(!)")

Clear all movie and also all scene, except for 1 scene from Mahiru.

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Someone to know to end up this scene?

Done all Movie

Mahiru absent scene

That"s the one i was missing.Before you get onto her course you have actually to finish the Macra Puaba quest, which unlocks after completing the Almocorn quest.

I don"t think the quest appears before the reverse confession event, so you"ll it is in forced to confess near the finish of the typical route

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how do you finish ayame"s absent cg"s?


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How around Yuuki"s turning back confession? ns haven"t to be able to get that one yet

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Other than that: 

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Don"t worry, Barney is I am here to conserve you, through explaining just how Pepe Silvia Chiho works


Summary the the route"s events:

1. Chiho it s okay bear from mom2. Chiho loser Bear3. Protag find bear and also brings it to the police4. Chiho gets ago bear from Police5. Chiho desires to uncover protag in ~ school, however doesn"t speak to that (in love i guess)6. Chiho stalks protag come work, however is too shy come enter7. Chiho stalks protag again v her mom and sits in means to clock the kitchen8. Chiho and mom walk home, Chiho loser bear top top the intersection9. Mother attempts to pick up the bear, however gets kissed through a truck (which is what QP shows protag together a dream)10. Chiho has amnesia now and loses the bear again11. Protag finds the be affected by each other again bring it come da police one more time12. Protag meets Chiho *CUE usual ROUTE*13. They gain together *CUE ROMANCE*14. Chiho remembers a bunch that shit (half of which isn"t true in the end)15. Chiho retraces she steps back to the police, gets the be afflicted with back16. Chiho virtually gets struggle by a vehicle but the protag conserves her17. The protag now has amnesia and also Chiho"s amnesia is gone, but she has actually amnesia come all things she learned throughout the early stage amnesia18. Protag goes through some much more stuff and also realizes it"s a dream19. Protag wakes increase from amnesia20. Protag and also Chiho satisfy each other and also she remembers what happened during her amnesia due to the fact that of the automated phone call message21. Chiho defines the path in the epilogue via a large exposition dump22. Chiho"s mom is alive, she was simply in a come before23. Chiho and also protag confess once again, the END

So, what happened and what didn"t?

This didn"t happen:Everything protag assumed occurred at the period 5 or 6Chiho and also protag going out to wcdonalds and Naturale (she walk that v her mom)the rooftop H-sceneThe phone not working and Chiho not remembering ProtagProtag saving Chiho"s mommy (QP"s dream)

This go happen:The bear it s okay lost, found, lost againmom kisses a carChiho had a crush prior to protag knowing herProtag access time a carEverything else