Iman Shumpert ended up being a father critical week in a story that is nothing quick of a Christmas miracle. His daughter, Iman Taylor Shumpert Jr.

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, was born beforehand in the morning on Wednesday in ~ the house Shumpert shares with his fiancée, R&B singer Teyana Taylor, numerous weeks prior to expected and without the aid of any type of medical professionals. Now, we have actually tape of the NBA player"s 911 call, and we dare you not to shed a tear listening come it.

You can hear the operator to walk the Cleveland Cavaliers guard through the delivery while the emotional parents-to-be waited for the ambulance come arrive. Shumpert fumbles v his words, at one point, make the efforts to describe through his tears, “I have actually my daughter in my hands.”


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No doubt infant girl is walking to have actually an extremely hands on dad in Shumpert, who called it “an aid that I’m never going come forget.”  many thanks to she brave parents, infant Iman (or "Junie," as they speak to her) is healthy and happy. is your No. 1 resource for Black celebrity news, photos, to exclude, videos and all the recent in the human being of hip hop and R&B music. 

Check the end this video posted by Taylor the an enthusiastic Shumpert singing Gnarls Barkley"s “Smiley Faces” to your beautiful newborn and watch Wendy Williams Highlights: Teyana Taylor has Baby in bath tub in the videos below. 

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