There space two words I have actually never heard anyone use to explain me: silent and also still.

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My youngsters might phone call you ns cry out for silence and also stillness every day, every day. But silence and also stillness are disciplines that I need to be an extremely intentional about practicing, myself.

Recently my husband and I confronted a rather big decision and it required to be made quickly.

Usually ns am fairly capable and also confident in my decision-making skills. I am a voracious researcher, lover of analysis, processor extraordinaire. I am the form of human being to review every review, pore end manuals, investigate, and make an informed decision. I can even do this an extremely quickly once the situation calls for it.

But this time … this time ns was stuck.

I didn’t recognize where to start processing. I was overwhelmed v the load of the decision and how it would affect our family. I was unacquainted v this variation of myself and unnerved by my very own hesitancy. Not discovering which way was the best way, or also what I wanted to do, ns waslost.

Paralyzed by uncertainty, mine confidence faltered.

What’s an ext … what’s worse … I had actually some feeling of i m sorry directionGod to be leading me. And also I didn’t choose it. Didn’t desire to face it. Didn’t desire His opinion if that differed from mine, thank you really much. I was likea cat being dunked right into a bucket that cold water, clawing the sides in resistance.

In prayer, I plainly heard God call me to it is in silent and still. To not analyze, no research. Yet to dwell in the uncertainty, trust Him and let Him show me the way.

This was international territory for me. I grumbled to God that i would shot my best, however respectfully reminded Him us were ~ above a deadline, here. And I didn’t have actually forty years.

I completely believe God offers us the capacity to reasonand freedom to exercise totally free will in our decisions. But there was no doubt He want me to shelve my approaches – every one of them – and also completely, totality heartedly surrender this decision making procedure to Him.

So ns obeyed and also relinquished manage with the same intensity I frequently engage.

I did nothing. No research. No pros and also cons. I didn’t process with friends. (I go ask because that prayer.) I just rested my mind from anything having actually to perform with the decision and also entered into a duration of waiting.

And God, He to be so gentle through me. So kind. He take it my hand and ever so gradually led me v this decision. In bite-sized pieces, one element at a time, that revealed mine objections and showed me the way. Every fear, every question, every suspicion … that answered because that me. Completely, without any room because that doubt.

This to be so different from the method I rabidly struck problems. Consuming them all at once. And when the meeting arrived, the decision was crystal clear.

Trust in the Lord through all her heart, and lean no on your very own understanding. In all her ways, recognize Him, and also he will make your course straight.Proverbs 3:5-6

I have known this city by heart forever. And I believe it, specifically in the macro of mine life. But when provided the possibility to exercise trust, regularly I don’t. Rather I discover myself applying, 2: Timothy 1:7 which in the King James is, For God on foot not given us the heart of fear; yet of power, and of love, and also of a sound mind.

God did engage my sound mind as He revealed every facet in the decision. Yet it remained in His timing, no mine. And during this time that quiet, i realized that if I’d rushed in, ran the analysis, processed through friends and researched this to death, then i really wasn’t trusting him in ~ all through this decision. Ns was merely leaning on my own understanding.

This is what the can be fried Lord, the divine One that Israel, says: In repentance and also rest is her salvation, in quietness and trust is your strength; yet you would have actually none that it.Isaiah 30:15

I think together a society we often tend to fall an ext into the group of,“you would have none of it” as it relates come rest, quietness, and also trust. (And definitely repentance, yet that is a whole different topic.) We value strength and confidence however rarely pair those characteristics with rest, quietness and also trust. Rather, we admire those who push, strive, and also conquer.

But look closely at the definition of every word in this statement:

In quietness and also trust is your strength.

quietness: to store silent, continue to be quiet, stay calm, at peace

trust: in the Hebrew this is analyzed as confidence

strength: power, might, achievement

So the blog post is: In quiet, calm, and also peace you will uncover confidence and power. Not in independence … no issue how qualified you are.

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