About In the Dark that the Night

"In the Dark of the Night " is a song written by lyricist Lynn Ahrens and composer Stephen Flaherty because that the 1997 Fox computer animation Studios movie Anastasia. That is sung by Rasputin (Christopher Lloyd speaking, Jim Cummings singing) and serves together the rogue song. The song was developed by Jim Steinman, known for his work with artist such as Meat Loaf and Bonnie Tyler.

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In the dark that the night i was tossing and also turningAnd the nightmare I had was as bad as deserve to be It scared me out of mine wits A corpse falling come bits!Then I opened up my eyesAnd the nightmare was, meI was once the most mystical man in all RussiaWhen the royals betrayed me they foolish a mistakeMy curse made every of lock payBut one small girl gained awayLittle Anya, bewareRasputin"s awakeIn the dark that the night evil will find herIn the dark that the night just before dawn!Revenge will be sweetWhen the curse is completeIn the dark the the nightShe"ll be goneI deserve to feel the my powers are slowly returningTie my sash and also a dash the cologne for that smellAs the Pieces fall into placeI"ll watch her crawl right into placeDo Svidaniya, Anya, your GraceFarewellIn the dark the the night terror will certainly strike her!Terror"s the the very least I can do!In the dark the the night evil will brew.Soon she will feel that her nightmares space real.In the dark the the nightShe"ll it is in through!In the dark of the nightEvil will find herFind her!Ooh!In the dark that the night terror come true.Doom her!My dear, here"s a sign It"s the finish of the lineIn the dark the the nightIn the dark that the nightIn the dark that the nightCome my minionsRise for your masterLet her evil shineFind she nowYes, fly ever before fasterIn the dark of the nightIn the dark that the nightIn the dark the the nightShe"ll be mine!

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Jim Cummings James Jonah Cummings (born November 3, 1952) is an American voice actor and also singer, that has showed up in almost 400 roles. That is recognized for voicing the title character native Darkwing Duck, Dr. Robotnik indigenous Sonic the Hedgehog, Pete, Winnie the Pooh, Tigger, Bonkers D. Bobcat and the Tasmanian Devil.

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He has performed in countless Disney and DreamWorks animations including Aladdin, The Lion King, Balto, Antz, The road to El Dorado, Shrek, and The Princess and also the Frog. He has also listed voice-over work for video games, such together Icewind Dale, Fallout, The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim, Baldur"s Gate, Mass result 2, Star Wars: The Old Republic, world of Warcraft: mists of Pandaria, human being of Warcraft: Legion, and Splatterhouse various other voice personalities voiced together Biker mice f… an ext »