Grimdark is one adjective used to define a setup or case in a fictional work-related that is taken into consideration dark, depressive, violent or edgy, an especially in fanfic literature. The ax can likewise be applied to an imaginative style that provides shading and muted colors, if not black and white, often connected with mature themes.

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The native "Grimdark" is a shorthand for ”grim darkness," i beg your pardon initially came to be popular as the tagline that the tabletop dystopian sci-fi video game Warhammer 40,000: “In the grim darkness that the much future, over there is just war.” exit in 1987, the phrase has actually been connected with the game online since as at an early stage as 2000, when it was stated on a web page on hobby site Starship Modeler<4> in a review of the Flacon Grav Tank design that appears in the game.



The shorthand hatchet "Grimdark" gotten in online intake as beforehand as might 2008, as soon as it was used as a descriptor in a blog write-up on the Wizards of the Coast<5> around the freshly released expansion set Shadowmoor. The blog post, titled "The Two-Sided Coin," details the vision that the writers behind the expansion set. The author notes the they wanted to produce a dark civilization without acquiring too "grimdark," together there is quiet humor and also hope in this game"s world.

In might 2008, the ax was provided on 4chan"s /tg/ (traditional games) board<6> to explain a potential game that would certainly take location in a school of dark magic. The following month, Grimdark was added to 1d4chan<1>, a Wiki because that tropes questioned on the /tg/ board. The October, the term was identified on urban Dictionary<7> and the single serving site Grimdark.com<8> was registered, comprise a snapshot of an point of view seated ~ above a pile of skulls.


The term has been additionally referenced in TV Tropes’ explanation the “Darker and Edgier,”<2> the tone transition used to make a seemingly chaste fictive people seem much more adult. The an interpretation of Grimdark has likewise been debated on the RPG.net forums<3>, the Fanlore wiki<9> and the Warhammer 40k article board Warseer.

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<10> Grimdark images and also fanfiction are common on Equestria Daily<11>, deviantArt<12>, fanfiction.net<13> and Tumblr.<14><15>