Which of the following does not belong come ordering​ costs?A. Clerical supportB. Bespeak processingC. Interest paymentsD. Price of supplies
One usage of perform isA. To tightly synchronize a​ firm"s manufacturing with its​ customers" demand.B. Come ensure the item price is maximized.C. To carry out a hedge versus inflation.D. Come tightly synchronize production and distribution processes.

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What is a device for ordering items the have small or no value at the finish of a sales​ period?A. Production order amount modelB. EOQC. Single-period inventory modelD. ROP
What is the price to prepare a an equipment or procedure for​ production?A. Stop costB. Ready costC. Setup costD. Bespeak cost
Which the the adhering to is not a form of​ inventory?A. Perfect goodsB. Raw materialC. Work-in-processD. MRP
A device that cause ordering on a uniform time basis is calledA. A​ fixed-quantity system.B. An EOQ system.C. A reorder point system.D. A​ fixed-period system.
For seasonal​ products, the service level should be collection to equalA.overage cost​ / (overage cost minus shortage​ cost).B.shortage cost​ / (overage expense minus shortage​ cost).C.shortage cost​ / (overage cost​ + shortage​ cost).D.overage cost​ / (overage cost​ + shortage​ cost).
ABC analysis divides an​ organization"s on-hand inventory into three class based uponA. Annual dollar volume.B. Unit price.C. Annual demand.D. The number of units ~ above hand.
A statistical model applicable once product need or any type of other change is no known yet can be stated by method of a probability distribution is referred asA. A amount discount model.B. A robust model.C. A probability model.D. The EOQ.
Which the the complying with does no belong to holding​ costs?A. Insurance allowance on inventoryB. Bespeak processingC. Storage costsD. Pilferage, scrap, and also obsolescence
Which that the following species of inventory explains inventory that has been purchased but not​ processed? A.raw product inventoryB.​work-in-process inventoryC.​maintenance/repair/operating it is provided inventoryD.​finished-goods inventory
The suitable level of security stock is generally determined byA.minimizing the supposed stockout cost.B.choosing the level of safety stock the assures a given organization level.C.taking the square source of the economic order quantity.D.carrying enough safety stock so regarding eliminate all stockouts.
Inventory control models i think that need for an item isA.always live independence on the demand for various other items.B.identical come the demand for other items.C.either elevation of or dependence on the need for various other items.D.always dependency on the need for various other items.
In the​ single-period inventory​ model, the overage price isA.cost every unit minus sales price every unit.B.cost every unit minus salvage value per unit.C.sales price per unit minus expense per unit.D.salvage value per unit.
A​ single-period inventory design is not applicable forA.furniture.B.milk.C.newspapers.D.seasonal goods.
The objective of inventory administration is toA.strike a balance in between inventory investment and customer service.B.decouple miscellaneous parts that the production process.C.take benefit of quantity discounts.D.provide a selection of items for anticipated client demand.
Inventory document accuracy would be diminished byA.reorder points.B.cycle counting.C.ABC analysis.D.increasing stockroom accessibility.

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A system that keeps monitor of each withdrawal or enhancement to inventory repetitively isA.a continuous inventory system.B.a consistent monitoring system.C.a fixed period system.D.a perpetual list system.


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