The SlideRider was an indoor slide that you can connect to her stairs and also turn them into a giant slide, and also will surely be the best toy imaginable for any child. The SlideRider is currently in a concept phase and wasdesigned through a group of inventors in ~ Quirky, wherein a group of world come with each other to collaborate on one idea because that a product and also work with each other to bring it come fruition.

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The SlideRider is red and also blue and also can easily fold up into an easy to bring package, it will certainly secure to the stair to avoid it from relocating around, and also has bumpers on each side and at the bottom for added safety. The slide is currently in the portfolio launch step at Quirky through an approximated highest acceptable price collection at $76.00.


The on slide is built a bit much more narrow 보다 a standard collection of stairway so the there is a little bit of room top top the next of the on slide to go earlier up the stairs.


The good thing about the slider rider was the you could easily deploy it and also put that away since it neatly folded up into a self-made container.

A strap would wrap about the whole slide when folded-up to ensure it remained in place!

You could then store the on slide rider all over when no in use, despite it would certainly be handy to store close to the peak of the stairs come easily collection it up again when needed!

Unfortunately, the Slide driver never concerned fruition from Quirky, therefore this precise idea never ever quite do it to the market.

Though, another firm has freshly come out with a very similar idea, it"s called the Stairslide!

The stair slide uses various pieces the you can affix together to create a on slide on an length of stairs!

Using the stairs SlideYou can also put a slide on just part of her stairs rather of having it walk all the method to the top!

The stairs slide comes in a 4 load which covers up to 9 stairs, or a 6 fill if you have a lot much more than just 9 stair you"d choose to slide down!

The stairs on slide ismade indigenous durable, lightweight ABS plastic, and also each item measures around 43 inches long x 19 customs wide.

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An optional landing pad is easily accessible to make it a at sight soft landing when you reach the bottom!

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