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The chair is not made of any type of fabric and can it is in wiped clean v a wet cloth. Chaunie Brusie/Business Insider

No tools were compelled for assembly and my husband placed the chair together very quickly and easily. Fully assembled v the tray attached, that weighs approximately 18 pounds and also is 42 inches high from the floor to the height of the high chair. The chair is just 15 inches wide, yet at the floor level, it"s 22 inches wide and 36 inch deep.

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The seat chin is equipped with a five-point harness and also can be detached and secured together a booster seat on a constant chair. As soon as her baby is able come sit increase on their very own at about 6 months old, they can safely use the high chair or the booster. As a bonus, if you have actually both a baby and also toddler, you deserve to use the booster and also toddler chair simultaneously.

The chair has metal legs, and also the chair is do of plastic however includes two different pieces of removable EVA foam, which cushion the earlier and bottom the the seat. There is no fabric on the chair, and the nylon five-point exploit is detachable and also machine-washable.

How to usage the high chair


The leg base is quite broad so the high chair is not right for tiny spaces. Chaunie Brusie/Business Insider

To save my daughter for sure in the chair, I place a harness restraint end each shoulder and clip every one right into the bottom buckle. As soon as she"s safely strapped in, i click the tray right into place and also can conveniently do the with simply one hand. The tray deserve to click into four different spots, so i can readjust it together she grows. Unfortunately, the footrest cannot be adjusted, so smaller sized babies" legs hang freely.

I usage the high chair through my daughter every day long. With the 360-degree rotating wheels on its base (the ago ones lock), ns can quickly roll it into the kitchen and entertain or feed my daughter while I"m act other work like bowl or meal prepping.

How to usage the booster seat

Converting the high chair come the booster is simple. There room two one-click buttons ~ above both the back and the prior bottom that the seat that you push at the exact same time to detach it from the leg base. Come secure the booster on a chair, you take the two sets of straps on either next of the chair (they are hidden in a compartment as soon as not in use) and fasten them onto a chair. One set goes around the back of the chair, and the other set fastens approximately the bottom. You can only usage the booster on a chair that has actually a ago that"s at least 10 inch tall and also a seat that is at least 17 inches wide and 21 inches deep.

How to use the toddler chair

Once your toddler is over 3 years old or 33 pounds, you deserve to remove the chair from the legs and also use the base as a toddler chair. The leg base of the chair watch like any type of traditional toddler chair you"d watch at a restaurant. The seat itself is made of plastic, without fabric or padding, and also has its own lap belt made of nylon.

My daughter isn"t huge enough because that the toddler chair yet, yet I favor that I have the option for once family and also friends with toddlers pertained to visit. We deserve to still usage the booster seat because that my daughter and offer them a toddler chair as well.

How it is to clean

When mine daughter starts to eat much more table food, I understand things will gain really messy, so i love the the high chair is simple to clean. The two foam cushions in the chair overlap so over there aren"t cracks or crevices the may record food.

The cushions aren"t dishwasher safe or machine-washable, yet I deserve to wipe castle off v a wet cloth. I"ve additionally been pleasantly surprised the the foam cushions and also the remainder of the high chair haven"t stained.

Because the tray has actually a removable dishwasher-safe cover, i can quickly pop it turn off if mine daughter makes a chaos mid-meal and carry on with just the base tray. And if ns forget to to wash the cover at night, I can remove that in the morning and also still have actually a fully functional high chair for breakfast.

The main tray, however, is not dishwasher safe. I clean it with a damp cloth or to wash it in the sink v soap and also water.

The cons

As far as high chairs go, the SmartClean Trio elite 3-in-1 is quite large at the base. Native the back of the legs to the front, it procedures 36 inches, therefore if you have a smaller sized living area, this may be a dealbreaker. And while it is an extremely easy to convert to a portable booster, the chair chin does no fold up. If you need a high chair that you can conveniently stow away in between uses, consider the Graco DuoDiner 3-in-1 High Chair.

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The bottom line

If you have actually the room for a larger high chair and also want miscellaneous affordable, portable, and extendable right into the toddler years, i recommend Ingenuity"s SmartClean Trio upstream 3-in-1 elite High Chair. It"s sturdy, easy-to-clean, and also will get prolonged life in my home as both a booster chair and also a toddler seat.