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crucial Science Terms and also definitions covered in this textbook Archean eon

The 2nd eon that Precambrian time, adhering to the Hadean and preceding the Proterozoic. It extends in between 3.8 billion and 2.5 billion years prior to the present.

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Benioff zone

Zone of inclined seismic activity that extends indigenous a trench downward into the asthenosphere.


The research of the universe.

Declination (stellar)

The angular street north or southern of the celestial equator denoting the place of a celestial body.


General term because that the processes of folding, faulting, shearing, compression, or extension of rocks together the result of various herbal forces.


A ar of a present that leaves the key flow.

Earth science

The name for all the sciences that jointly seek to know Earth. It consists of geology, oceanography, meteorology, and also astronomy.

Escape velocity

The early stage velocity an item needs come escape native the surface of a celestial body.


A rest in a rock mass along which movement has actually occurred.

Fault scarp

A cliff developed by movement along a fault. It represents the exposed surface of the error prior to change by weathering and also erosion.

Glacial striations

Scratches and grooves on bedrock brought about by glacial abrasion.


A special mass of ice originating ~ above land native the compaction and also recrystallization of snow that shows proof of past or current flow.

Marine terrace

A wave-cut communication that has actually been exposed over sea level.

Parasitic cone

A volcanic cone that forms on the flank of a larger volcano.

Pelagic zone

Open ocean of any depth. Pets in this zone swim or float freely.

Population II

Stars negative in atoms heavier than helium. Nearly always relatively old stars found in the halo, globular clusters, or atom bulge.


A tabular igneous body the was coercion parallel come the layering the preexisting rock.


Frozen or semifrozen rain formed when raindrops freeze as they pass with a class of cold air.


A crustal block bounded by faults, whose geologic history is unique from the histories of adjoining crustal blocks.

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Valence electron

The electrons affiliated in the bonding process; the electrons occupying the highest-principal power level of an atom.