Hi Everyone, I"ve acquired an issue with my GPU temperature. Throughout playing gamings such together Overwatch and also COD Warzone, my GPU hitting more than 80 degrees (sometime until 86 degrees) with situation closed. V the case open, the gpu deserve to reach 82 degrees. I"ve done adding more fans into my case. The other component of my pc works perfectly fine. The temperature of my CPU max in ~ 56 degrees alongside v my others components at common temperature. Please uncover the attached snapshot of mine PC.

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*I"m using 1660 super

**the cooler is not emotional the VGA card


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There"s choose 1,5 fans simply blowing fresh air under the GPU because that it to use. Must be method enough, especially with such and open case!

I was concerned the peak fans to be pulling wait in come the case, and also fighting v the CPU cooler there, if those fans are pulling wait out, then the air circulation ought come be good enough, however my main worry was the video card itself, exactly how air to be being attracted in to it (I assume from the bottom of the case) and where it to be being tired to (out the back, again, one assumption) and was wonder if the card itself to be fighting airflow, quite than helping it.


Could additionally be complete of dust...

Thank you because that picturing how my air flow works! precisely like I snapshot it once I try to placing the fans.

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1 hour ago, Radium_Angel said:

Are u trying to suggest the intake fans to pulling waiting out? If that so, whereby intake fans should be put?


1 hour ago, Radium_Angel said:

This likewise my main problem rn. Due to the fact that the GPU still acquiring hot while playing part games, the exhausting process must it is in questionable. However for the dust point I guess isn"t

It"s not the exhaust process. The card will certainly blow air the end of the back of the PC and also whatever can flow the end of the sides of the map will certainly make its way to be tired by one of the height fans!

Dust might be a problem, but if it"s not choose absolutely filled v thick dust that wouldn"t be leading to such high temps.


One thing I"d perform though is making certain that the intake pan on the front space pushing in more air (spinning faster, or having more intake fans) than the exhaust fans are pushing out so that a hopeful air push is kept inside the the system. This will avoid dust from being suck in from through nooks and also crannies!


However that"s a tiny change and also definitely no alone the reason of your high temps!