The previous "Baywatch" star dropped a bombshell on Thursday, declare to have shortened his name to the lot zippier David Hoff.

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"Big news today and a massive relief for me," the actor created on his Twitter account. "I expect everyone have the right to understand... It feels great!"

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He had a link to a video clip in which that declared, "I've to be wanting to drop the 'Hassel' from my life for years. Now, I have made the official. David Hoff."

The video clip concludes with the 63-year-old gibbs holding increase a certificate the name change bearing the new moniker, which he surely didn't create with his computer and inkjet printer in his abundant cost-free time.

It's unclear if the video clip was do in earnest, or even if it is it's a stunt the the actor cooked up to store his name in the headlines.PHOTOS: Sexy breaks of David Hasselhoff

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Or maybe it's one ill-considered decision made during another cheeseburger binge.

The first step in a Caitlyn Jenner-esque transformation, perhaps?

Hassel — err, Hoff's spokeswoman has not however responded come TheWrap's request for comment, and also we haven't been able to rotate up any court papers indicating the this is, in fact, a legal name change.

In the meantime, till the smoke has cleared, we'll proceed to refer to the actor as we normally do: That guy Who offered to Drive around in a talking Car and also Now resorts to appearing in Low-Rent Projects favor "Sharknado 3."

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