Is Garnier Fructis good for your hair? If you desire a rapid answer, it’s here. And if you want thorough info on why it can be bad (or good) for your hair, you’re ~ above the ideal page.

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The Garnier Fructis line offers a myriad of commodities to pick from. This are greatly shampoos. The interesting thing is that all the products are designed to repair and also strengthen the hair.

I’ll be talking more about the shampoos/conditioners in this article. So, let’s jump in:

The shampoos in the line every contain SLS sulfates, i beg your pardon are negative for hair. Therefore, they might not it is in the best an option for someone with a perceptible scalp.

Also, they’re high in silicone content, which is a product that has actually a plastic/rubber origin. It’s mainly used for hair smoothening but can have a terrible effect on her hair.

Yes, it deserve to make your hair shine. But it can be a fake shine, one that won’t critical long.

In order no to expand the matter, I’ll choose to look in ~ two particular products native the Garnier Fructis line. With this, i hope come cover some of the ingredients and also whether the product room worth the or not.

I think there space two advantages to this.

The first one is the it’ll aid answer her question. And the 2nd is that it’ll assist you decision if you want a Garnier Fructis or an additional brand.

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Let’s obtain started:

Is Garnier Fructis negative for her Hair? understand these prior to Deciding


Yes and also no. The Garnier Fructis product line, specifically the shampoo and also conditioner developed mixed results among users. Some users state that it reasons breakage while others report seeing terrific results.

I think that the result you acquire when you use it relies on the type of her hair and also your own unique condition.

So then:

Should you buy any of the Garnier Fructis products? that depends. Because people get different results, i cannot especially tell friend to go ahead and buy or tell girlfriend to not bother. The decision is her to make after considering the above points.

Here is the thing though:

Just check out through the reviews (on specific products) if you’re interested in the line. Don’t be swayed by just one or 2 though. Look because that a general agreement on whether it’s bad or good and make her decision based on that.

Now, let’s look in ~ the 2 lines I mentioned above…

The SOS repair line

Here, I’ll be looking in ~ the pros, cons, and quality of products in this line. Follow to the manufacturer, this is a hair repair treatment to stop separation ends and nourish the hair.

Let’s look at some of the services in detail.


What do users benefit from utilizing the products?

For many women, the distinction is ~ the first wash. Hair is softer and split ends disappear. After each use, users report hair acquiring smoother and shiner.

The treatment does not dry the scalp. No does the hair have any kind of reaction come it. Some stated that after utilizing the line for a specific period, their hair becomes shiny and looking better.

The treatment has actually a solid fragrant though. However, the odor is fruity and also stays ~ above the hair because that a while.


The border of the product is that it could lead come hair breakage since of the silicone content. The percentage may be greater in the product, compare to others.

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Masks With natural Ingredients

Now that we’ve looked in ~ the SOS fix line, we’ll follow up through this.

The other commodities in the line room masks v 98% organic ingredients. No parabens. No silicones or synthetic colors. These masks are an ext natural, compare to those in the SOS fix Line.


After the first use, customers see significant differences: the skin is smooth and much better looking. The skin is equally smooth. If you are a fan, that can rise your self-esteem — an added bonus.

They don’t do the skin feel greasy and absorb quickly. They leave behind a exorbitant scent and moisturize decently.

Conclusion: Is Garnier Fructis poor for her Hair?

As you can see indigenous the foregoing paragraphs, the Fructis line includes good and not for this reason good ingredients. That’s why there are mixed reports around the efficiency of the products, specifically the shampoos and also conditioners.

A many of people seem come have great results through the conditioners. However, quite a number of users complain the their hair beginning falling the end after a while using the shampoo.

However, together I discussed above, this all depends on the hair form of the user.

I hope this article has aided you answer her question.

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