Let’s bust a myth: Dandruff shampoo is not negative for your hair. In fact, study has found that having actually dandruff is poor for her hair.

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So, if girlfriend don’t consistently or also occasionally assist your scalp fight versus dandruff, your hair might suffer.

Hair that grows indigenous a dandruff-irritated scalp has an ext surface damage and also a weaker protein structure. Enhanced scratching because of dandruff can likewise increase hair cuticle damage and also dullness.

Essentially, together it functions to remove dandruff, Head & Shoulders keeps her hair feather beautiful by helping prevent dandruff-related damage.

Try the Head & Shoulders damage Rescue collection to rescue hair from damage, dullness and also scalp dryness. Castle reduce breakage for up to 10X stronger* hair, if leaving it 100% flake free**

How frequently should I use dandruff shampoo?

For preferably dandruff control, you need to use dandruff shampoo every time friend wash her hair.

That’s due to the fact that dermatologists agree the dandruff is a chronic condition, which, without treatment, will certainly return. So if you are asking yourself, “Should I use dandruff shampoo every day?” rest assured the Head & Shoulders shampoo eliminates dandruff and is also gentle on your hair.

Some people think only harsh commodities can combat dandruff, yet nothing is more from the truth. We’ve invested 50 years perfecting Head & Shoulders for everyday use.

Head & Shoulders combines progressed scalp care with the best ingredient of beauty beauty shampoos: cleansers, conditioners and delightful fragrances. It is why Head & Shoulders is the #1 offering shampoo in the world.***

* strength against damage vs. Non-conditioning shampoo.

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** clearly shows flakes with continuous use*** P&G Calculation based on Nielsen sales details July 2012 - June 2013.

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