Christian was a current guest on Busted open Radio, and also took the moment to talk about Edge coming the end of retirement and also getting earlier in the ring. Leaf was required into retirement in 2011 adhering to several neck injuries, but he was medically clearing to return to in-ring competition and also made a return at the 2020 imperial Rumble. Christian revealed the was not worried around his longtime partner and also best friend’s return to competition since Edge had informed him of what the doctors had actually relayed to him in regards come his health.“No, ns wasn’t scared for him since he sort of to walk me v where he to be at and what the doctors had told him,” Christian said. “I know he’s smart enough that that would never ever do anything come jeopardize his wellness with having actually two kids. So, if he to be confident and also feeling 100%, then that’s every I essential to hear.”Edge would certainly then get in a feud v Randy Orton and ultimately tore his tricep when filming re-takes for their complement at Backlash. Christian was affiliated in the angle as well and also took a punt kick native Orton to aid build their storyline. Randy Orton has actually received a many praise because that his performances during the COVID era, and also Christian recalled a backstage conversation with John Cena in which they were talking around how an excellent Orton is.“Randy, for as lengthy as he’s been in the business, this is — as soon as I was working through him for the people Title in 2011, ns remember watching a monitor in the back, and I can not remember that he was wrestling,” Christian said. “I to be standing there v Cena and also we weren’t yes, really saying anything, and the enhance ended, and he looked at me, and also I looked at him, and I stated to John, ‘The scary point is, the doesn’t recognize how good he is.’ and Cena goes, ‘He has actually no clue’, and that’s the point with Randy – he’s simply so normally gifted in ~ what that does.“He can’t tell you why he does the points he does,” Christian added. “It just kind that comes naturally to him, and to check out him currently take the to also at a various level, also with his promos, and also his demeanor, and his performances in the ring, man, it’s simply unbelievable.”Christian went on come say just how much funny he’s had being component of the construct with all of the layers the have gone into the story the performers space telling.“Yeah, it really has actually ,” Christian said. “It’s to be — obviously, seeing come back from the injury and also the entirety thing, comes from retirement, it’s just adding layers come the entirety kind that story, and obviously the feeling of it, and also those particular things. So, it’s been great. The been great to be a part of it, and also to clock both of this guys just hit it out of the park on a weekly basis. It’s just been unbelievable.”There is quiet no official word on as soon as Edge will be cleared for return, however it was at one time rumored come be at an early stage 2021. Leaf had provided an update on his injury after having actually the surgery and said he to be still may be to work out the remainder of his body while likewise revealing his tricep may have actually actually been partially torn going into that match. He said he is acquisition it as a finding out opportunity at his period to listen to his body an ext closely when things aren’t emotion right.“It’s a finding out experience, too,” leaf noted. “The medical professional that walk the surgery said that there to be a good chance my triceps was currently partially take it going into the match. So, i look it together a discovering experience. My elbow was sore for probably a month, yet I thought it was one of those consistent aches and pains. I have a bunch of floating chips in mine elbow, so i told myself, ‘Of food it’s going come hurt.’ This is a reminder the I must listen to those things. At 46 year old, my human body is trying come tell me something’s up.

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Currently I have actually that knowledge going forward if something’s aching.”If friend use any of the price quotes in this article, please credit transaction Busted open with a h/t come Wrestling Inc. Because that the transcription.Mehdy Labriny added to this article.


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