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You are watching: Iya na kao sare nagara kozukuri sasete moraitai

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Read this Japanese title: Iya na Kao sare nagara Opantsu Misete Moraitai.Now, read the English title: “I want You To make a dislike Face and Show Me her Underwear.”Yep, nice self-explanatory.You, the viewers, knew precisely what you watched. And you knew specifically what you to be expecting: a selection of females making disgusted deals with while revealing your panties. And also this 4-minute OVA series is just that and also nothing more. That appeals to individuals who have actually underwear fetishes and/or have actually masochistic tendencies.Now, this is what the anime will certainly not contain:- nothing expect any actual overarching story or plot development, each illustration is a self-contained story through a various girl and male protagonist.- nothing expect any kind of character development from ours faceless and also speechless masculine characters.- Also, don’t intend the girl to have any type of personality or emotions past making happy and cheery encounters to do angry, disgusted, and scornful people in the blink of one eye.- and finally, nothing expect any type of amazing lift music or opening songs.And, this is what the anime will contain:- This is a POV (Point of View) series, an interpretation it will makes you feel prefer the main character in the series. The OVA is attempting to do it seem prefer you, the viewers, space forcing these girls to expose their panties, resulting in them to make a disgusted face.- There will be six female characters: maid, idol, nun, miko, nurse, and also school girl.- In the beginning, the girl act very friendly, cheerful, and also happy. But, once, you demand to watch their panties, they do a 360 degree change and act really angry, disgusted, and also scornful.- Upon heralding your demands, the girls will have a disgusted challenge while glaring in ~ you. They will say a couple of scornful words, but, in the end, they will meet your demands, albeit reluctantly.ART/ANIMATION/SOUND:I need to say that the various varieties of panties, showing up in various shapes, sizes, colors, and designs, such together checkered, plain, laced, white, pink, and red, are really much appreciated. Also, the architecture and additional accessories such as, garter belt through stockings, pantyhose, security panties, and knee highs, considerably enhances the sexual appeal of each female character. And finally, the means each girl progressively pulls up your skirt or strip added clothing to reveal their panties is somehow sexually enticing.The female character designs watch pretty good, specifically their disgusted face expressions, i.e., glaring and frowning at you v narrow and also shadowed-covered eyes. With these expressions, you could obviously call the girls really dislike revealing their panties. And also finally, the voice acting is ~ above point, specifically when the girls do stern and also harsh remarks.ENJOYMENT:It was simply as i expected: women making disgusted deals with while revealing their panties. Beautiful. Simply absolutely beautiful. I hope Japan proceed to create weird shit due to the fact that this ingredient is for sure glorious.