Let"s begin with Major. The watch "golden boy" is the biggest liar of them all and also has been working with a shady organization to kill zombies.

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At least his intentions are noble; the did that to protect Liv. 

In an unanticipated twist, Major"s an enig was revealed come Blaine! You would think the this is the worst human being who could find out, yet he could actually be the best. Blaine won"t judge major for his choices, and while Blaine may use this versus Major, Blaine won"t want this come get ago to cops anymore than significant does. 

Speaking the Blaine and also Major, did anyone rather yell at the TV when major poked his head out of the window at Shady Plots (best name ever) and also the FBI van was the end there? It currently seems choose Clive had actually his suspicions about Major, however now there is no doubt that significant is into something bad. 


Drake is still together a mystery, and also we can"t tell whereby his loyalty lies. Is that going to play both sides (Mr. Boss and also Blaine), or will certainly he be forced to pick one? We understand that Blaine used to job-related for Mr. Boss, therefore it provides sense that Drake was also a component of that organization.

It leaves united state to wonder, what will take place when Mr. Ceo finds the end that it"s Blaine stepping in ~ above Mr. Boss" medicine game? i beg your pardon side will certainly Drake it is in on then? 

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It"s time Liv lets go of Drake. When the poor boy v tattoos and also muscles appeals to us all, the is plainly bad news. Sure, major is a killer, too, but at least significant is killing for a an excellent reason. (Only ~ above a show like this does that make sense!)

We got a tiny truth on one of the most regular liars – Blaine. Blaine has constantly been a wild card and a rebel, yet in this episode, us were offered a deeper glimpse into his past. Him having an abusive nanny describes a lot. The reality that she to be going come get every one of Blaine"s father"s legacy is quite screwed up. 

Someone should teach you just how to humble brag. World might hate you less.


Speaking of screwed up, just how funny was Blaine as soon as he hopped out in aged makeup and clothes simply to cheat his father once he thawed him? The level of psychic games and also torture in that family members is insane, however gave united state some laughs. 

Usually Liv"s visions offer as the comic relief and give some ideas to the victims killer yet provide little on the rest of the show"s plot. This time, however, the brain was straight tied to the tainted utopium and also Drake, make every scene feeling important. Shout the end to Clive for ultimately noticing the mood ferris wheel Liv gets on each case! 

Clive: I"m gonna operation this through Bozzio. Ravi: If she bears your children, you"ll begin using her very first name, right?

With the clock ticking top top the cured zombies now that brand-new Hope is dead, castle finally caught a break! The Les Miserable tune playing in the background as Liv planted the red flag in the ground whereby they finally discovered the tainted utopium was a an excellent touch.