Kim is for this reason pretty. The way her hair sparkles in the sun and.... I was daydreaming about Kim and also I forgot i was sparring v Jerry. Following thing I know I to be flipped and also now laying top top the ground.

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"Whooo! ns took Jack down! i took Jack down!" Jerry song while that does his win dance. Ns stand up and flip him.

"Nope, ns win" ns say giving him a smile.

"Wow Jack. Jerry never beats you. Is other wrong?" Kim says rushing over after she takes down Milton and also Eddie.

"I'm well really, over there is just a many going with my head best now." i say walking end to mine locker and also grab a towel.

"Fine if you speak so. Check out you guys!" and with the she walks out the door.

"So my man, what yes, really going on" Jerry claims nudging me

"Nothing" ns say

"You room a damaging lier" Milton says joining in top top the conversation.

"I know..." i say sitting down on the bench

"Are friend going to spill the beans" Eddie asks.

"Fine, over there is this girl i like and I don't know just how to phone call her" ns say spring down

"You have come to the ideal person. What's her name?" Jerry asks sitting down next to me.

"I can't tell you" i say looking at him. That starts speak Spanish

"Why not? Is that someone we know?" Milton asks

"Because and yes" ns say

"Well the can't be Kim, because you men are finest friends" Eddie says. I try to store calm. It to be Kim.

"Earth come Jack. Is the Lindsey?" Jerry asks winking

"Noooo, never ever will it be Lindsey. I got to go my mother will begin wondering" ns say waving bye

Kim POVs:

I to be walking house from practice once someone connected arms through me.

"Hey Grace. Wherein did girlfriend come from?" ns ask turning to the brunette alongside me.

"The mall, duh! So i have meaning to asking you... Who perform you like?" She asks giving me a cheeky grin.

"Who perform you like?" i ask

"Jerry duh! prize me." She states whining

"A guy" i say smiling

"Do I understand him?" She asks wanting to recognize really bad

"Yes, friend do" i say smartly

"I know it's no Jack... Because you have made clear of that. Is it Brody?" She asked

"Nope" ns say she keeps guessing until she reaches my house. Little does she know that she claimed him first, Jack. I prefer Jack, v his brown hair and also brown eyes that are simple to gain lost in.

"Kim! planet to kimmy!" Grace states waving a hand infront of my face.

"Huh! What!" i say spring around

"I claimed bye Kim" Grace states rolling her eyes.

"Bye!" ns say. I decide to acquire a book and also sit in ours climbing tree that's in our front yard and read.

Jack POVs:

I was walking home and I walked past Kim's house only to check out her sitting in a tree. Ns think it would certainly be funny to scare her.

"Hey...What room doing up there!" i yell leading to her to fall backwards and land straight in my arms... As I planned.

"Jack! Don't ever, ever do that again she to speak looking in ~ me.

"Hey! I caught you! ns wouldn't have actually done that if i knew i couldn't capture you Kimmy!" ns say setup her down.

"I liked it better when I was in your arms...Jackie" she says fake pouting. Kim and also I are finest friend but sometimes act prefer a couple.

"Too bad! You'll never capture me to it is in able to" i say running roughly her yard. She start chasing me so i run right into her house. Ns hide behind the couch and when she come in a grab she from behind and spin she around.

"Haha! i did finish up in her arms" she speak laughing. I join in.

"I need to go" ns say looking in ~ the clock

"Aww! Bye!" She claims with a pouty face

"Bye" ns say return to very same look.

I gain home to my mommy sitting in the kitchen.

"Hey!" ns say grabbing a stool.

"Hey...where to be you?" She asks looking up from dinner.

"Sorry i was in ~ Kim's" ns say swiping a item of bread

"Doing what?" She eyed me.

"Scaring her, then capturing her and we played a video game of chase" ns say favor its no biggy

"Catching her! What did friend do?" My mom says preventing making dinner

"I scared she while she was reading in a tree and he landed appropriate in mine arms choose she was intend to" i say smiling

"You are lucky! You space lucky she trusts you that much" she points out.

"That reminds me.... There is this girl ns like and I don't know exactly how to tell she what must I do?" i say

"Let me guess friend can't call me her name. You could practice on among your friends very first then tell her her feelings" my mom suggests

"Thanks" i say hoping up and also kissing her on the check

Kim POVs:

Jack deliberately scared me for this reason that ns would loss out that the tree and also he could record me. Us are best friends however sometimes act choose a couple. After ~ he caught me I had to follow him and ended up in his arms again.

---Time Skip---

I went to the dojo to uncover everyone already there. Also Jerry...that weird since he is always late. They were all talking and all looked at me once I to walk in

"What did i do?" ns ask involvement them

"Jack demands to practice asking a girl out and he is walking to exercise on you" Jerry states filling me in. I think Jack just blushed.

Jack POVs:

I was informing the guys around my situation and also they claimed to practice on Kim. The was a great thing since Kim is the one ns am asking. She comes in and also everyone transforms to look in ~ her. Jerry complete her in.

Kim POVs:

Jerry to fill me in ~ above Jacks plan. I should say i was a little jealous and also disappointed.

"Okay Kim! try to look choose an attractive girl." He says jokingly. I role my eyes at him.

"That's walking to it is in hard" ns say sarcastically

"No the shouldn't. Your virtually there" Jerry claims obviously not hearing the sarcasm.

"We'll hear the is. You space beautiful and nothing can compact to you. Every time the sun glistens off you hair ns am placed in a trance. Every time you take the guys down and sometimes when you take me under I am amazed. Kim, you are beautiful and a butt kicker. I love you!" He says starring right into my eyes. It was me all follow me it was me.

"I love friend too!" ns say together my eyes start tearing up. Us both lean in a kiss until we room inturppted through Jerry

"Whoa! Why room Kim and Jack kissing? kick prevails!" He states confused. Eddie pulled him aside and also rexplained whatever .

"Milton and Eddie you every owe me 5 bucks" Jerry say placing his hand out

"You guys made a bet" Jack say through one hand wrapped roughly My waist.

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"Yah, Jerry bet united state 5 bucks the you two would be a couple by the end of the week. Gah!" Milton says

"I think we have the bests friends anyone could ask for" ns say spring up at Jack.