The driving pressure for Jacob & Co. Is creativity and uniqueness. The breadth of Jacob & Co."s timepiece providing shows the brand"s insatiable need to develop amazing pieces that the people has never seen before. In timepieces, this is exemplified through high complications prefer the Astronomia Collection, the mystery Tourbillon, the Opera Godfather and the twin Turbo Furious.

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The jewel from Jacob & Co. Proceeds the brand"s legacy of innovation and also its use of the best materials. From basic rings and also bracelets to stunning pieces of jewelry art, Jacob & Co. Provides it all.

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For an ext than a 4 minutes 1 of a century, Jacob & Co has created revolutionary timepieces and exquisite jewel that have captivated celebrities and notables indigenous the watchmaking world and also dazzled fashion’s red carpets and cover shoots.

"I love come create," states Mr. Arabo. "My dream has always been to develop things that haven"t to be done before. For the brand, it"s about making the impossible reality."Jacob & Co."s mission is to create beautiful, dynamic and also unique pieces of watchmaking and jewelry art.
Trying brand-new ways of act things, using various materials and developing brand-new complications room all component of Jacob & Co."s factor for being -- Jacob & Co. Will never settle because that being prefer anyone else.
The majority of Jacob"s high symptom were originally thought to it is in "impossible," according to the staid Swiss. Yet, Jacob & Co. Is cursed to transforming these ideas - like the SF24, the Astronomia, the Opera, the secret Tourbillon and the twin Turbo Furious, and much more - into reality, and also has succeeded.
The Jacob & Co. Collections are brimming v radical ideas, presenting designs, complications, and combinations that break new ground in high watchmaking and also high jewelry, when still gift rooted in tradition.
Jacob & Co. Has actually a well-deserved call for breaking new ground in high watchmaking, producing complications and combinations that complications that are brand-new to high watchmaking, while still using timeless methods to produce these radical brand-new timepieces.
Over the years, Jacob & Co. Has filed and received lot of patents, covering its ground-breaking complications, diamond setting techniques and more. A couple of examples that the patents Jacob has encompass the Astronomia Triple-Axis Tourbillon, the Jacob-Cut diamond with 288 facets, and the differential mechanism for the time screen on the rotating timepieces.
Jacob & Co. Supplies a mixture the traditional and also cutting-edge, high tech materials. Noble materials like 18K gold (yellow, rose and also white) and platinum are routinely used, as are new-age products like class 5 titanium, operation grade 316L stainless steel, forbed carbon fiber, high-tech ceramic, sapphire decision monobloc crystals, meteorite, and also more. ~ above the precious stone side, Jacob Arabo has a knack for finding and procuring rare and also exceptional stones. In various watches and jewelry, Jacob & Co. Provides the finest quality diamonds, citrines, sapphires, rubies, amethysts, tsavorites, orange garnets meteorites, aventurine, and more.
In the time-honored tradition of the Swiss watchmaking industry, Jacob & Co. Uses closely selected vendors for the present of the brand"s watchmaking and also jewelry dreams. The brand designs its distinctive collections in-house, climate the experts take over, when quality manage is then done in-house.

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Supercar manufacturer Bugatti and high complication watchmaker and high jeweler Jacob & Co. Have collaborated to create cutting-edge products, watches, and jewelry pieces that channel the soul of the supercars through a distinct twist.