What To suppose From mrs The Virgin Season 6 woman the Virgin"s fifth season has involved an end. Will certainly there be a season 6 that The CW series, and if therefore what have the right to fans suppose to happen?

Jane the Virgin Season 6
Warning! Major SPOILERS ahead because that Jane The Virgin season 5"s finale.

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Jane the Virgin"s fifth season has come to a close, yet what can fans suppose from season 6? The critically-acclaimed The CW series, i m sorry stars Gina Rodriguez in the title role, wrapped-up its many recent run v a two-part finale the took the telenovela to the 100-episode mark.

Jane the Virgin centers roughly Jane Villaneuva, a 23-year-old Latina virgin who drops pregnant after being accidentally artificially inseminated by her gynecologist, adhering to her life and also romantic endeavors from climate on. The season 5 finale wrapped-up a number of major storylines and mysteries, with Jane marrying long-time love interest Rafael Solano (Justin Baldoni), and also the series" narrator revealed to it is in an adult version of their son, Mateo (voiced by Anthony Mendez).

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With Jane the Virgin"s two-part season 5 finale, "Chapter 99" and also "Chapter 100", providing Jane a feeling of closure and also a happy ending, have to fans it is in looking front to the story proceeding with Jane the Virgin season 6?

Jane The Virgin Season 6 Isn"t Happening

v Jane the Virgin"s season 5 finale paying off a number of long-running storylines and character arcs, including Jane and Rafael"s romance, that shouldn"t come as any kind of surprise to fans to learn that "Chapter 100" was in reality Jane the Virgin"s series finale, and that season 6 won"t it is in happening. Regardless of lots of praise from critics and a golden Globe in its first season, Jane the Virgin has never been a huge ratings hit for The CW, therefore it"s done fine to last 5 seasons.

Although Jane the Virgin wasn"t official canceled, it to be announced ahead of time that season 5 would be its last. As soon as The CW put in order Jane the Virgin because that a 5th season ago in April 2018, it was through the caveat the it would certainly be the last season of the show, providing it a possibility to go the end on its own terms and also conclude its story properly.

What jane The Virgin Season 6"s Story Could"ve to be About

Jane the Virgin Jane and Mateo
since Jane the Virgin season 5 to be designed to be its last, it was able to wrap-up that is biggest and most crucial plotlines by the time of its series finale, enabling a feeling of closure for fans. With Jane and Rafael now married, then season 6 might have complied with the couple as they adjust to life as newlyweds, and perhaps widening their family.

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However, if Jane the Virgin had gotten in season 5 one of two people not discovering it to be going to be the end, or through a season 6 renewal already guaranteed, then it likely would"ve conserved some plot points because that season 6. It"s likely that the large wedding was always planned together the happy ending for Jane, so the could"ve been moved back, while that might"ve explored more of Michael"s surprising return too. Together it is, Jane the Virgin"s story has finished in a satisfying, heartfelt manner, and also there won"t it is in a season 6, although a spin-off is in the works.