David Ayer defines Suicide Squad's Joker teeth Plot feet David Ayer, the director of DC"s self-destruction Squad, defines what resulted in a strange plot hole and also continuity error entailing Joker"s teeth.

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manager David Ayer describes the factor why Joker"s teeth space a plot feet in Suicide Squad. Back it now looks favor Warner Bros. And DC have figured out a setup for their cinematic universe, they struggle a couple of speed bumps along the way. Your villain team-up movie Suicide Squad verified to be one of those weird entries, as it was damaged by critics, yet still wound up earning a ton the money at the box office. It was the an initial film to feature standouts like Margot Robbie"s Harley Quinn or will Smith"s Deadshot, but likewise controversial additions like Jared Leto"s Joker.

From the very first image the Leto"s Joker, it to be clear that Ayer was taking the character in a various direction. No everyone to be a pan of this in the end, yet it did an outcome in a Joker with a integrated backstory entailing this universe"s Batman. Joker"s creepy laugh was there is no his continuous teeth, as Batman had actually punched castle out and also forced Joker to wear a grill. Yet, the timeline of occasions that caused this event doesn"t line up, and Ayer"s now explaining why.

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A pan asked Ayer top top Twitter around the strange plot hole the Joker"s teeth room at the center of. Batman only knocked out Joker"s this after the Clown Prince that Crime murdered Robin. He has the resulting grill when he"s locked in Arkham Asylum, the ar he"d an initial meet Harleen Quinzel. But, Harley"s bio in ~ the start of Suicide Squad confirms she to be an accomplice in Robin"s death, i m sorry could"ve only occurred after she met and became infatuated through Joker. Together the fan on Twitter notes, Joker shouldn"t have actually the grill once he meets Harley originally, for this reason what happened? Ayer comment by saying, "The timeline was readjusted after filming."

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This is an exciting revelation because that Ayer to sell up, relying on how the timeline was changed. If it to be done during the editing and enhancing process, climate there"s not too countless ways for this to ever have lined up in the an initial place. If Joker always had the grill when he very first met Harley, climate the only change that could"ve taken place to chaos up the continuity would be what"s consisted of in Harley"s bio. The original idea for she bio might not have contained a connection to Robin"s death, enabling for the remainder of the events to pat out and make chronological sense.

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However, Suicide Squad was additionally a task that underwent a significant amount that reshoots that overhauled the movie. Ayer alluded to this fact recently ~ above Twitter by speak his original cut is very different than the theatrical release, so this inconsistency may be a an outcome of changes mandated by the studio. Due to the fact that Leto attract the grill throughout the movie, it may have actually just been an oversight by the crew to run reshoots to incorporate the grill wherein it didn"t make sense to. This might be the an ext believable outcome, given the greatly covered background of Suicide Squad"s production schedule. Unless Ayer further clarifies what occurred though, this is among those little details that plenty of won"t even notice. And, the continually of Joker"s teeth is hardly among the film"s best problems, therefore opinions ~ above Suicide Squad would solid be changed if the error hadn"t occurred.


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