Love is a many-splendored thing, specifically when you’re gawking in ~ it native the outside. In this new column, we’ll be assessing the celebrity couples that provide us hope because that our very own romantic futures, and also trying to discover what we deserve to from your well-documented bonds.

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It's a little digital routine of mine: regular going to Anthony Ramos's Instagram, and Jasmine Cephas Jones's Instagram, and making certain they're still together. In year of engaging in this not-at-all mystery online behavior, I've however to it is in disappointed. Rather, i am routinely delighted by the engaged couple's public displays of adoration and their cumulative excellence.

Thanks to In the Heights, some fans are just boarding the Ramos train and going under the Google rabbithole on his and also Cephas Jones's relationship. Welcome to mine happy place. I dropped for every Ramos and also Cephas Jones personally in 2015, as soon as both were starring in the original Broadway cast of *Hamilton*. Throughout peak Hamilton mania, i watched both play double roles to perfection: Ramos embodied anti-slavery revolutionary man Laurens in Act-One prior to skipping approximately stage together Hamilton's 9-year-old son, Philip, in action Two—no straightforward feat because that a get an impression man. Meanwhile, Cephas Jones brought multitudes come the metal Peggy Schuyler before seducing the titular starting father as sultry Maria Reynolds.

Both to be instrumental, though probably under-appreciated sustaining players, amongst the younger members that the now-super-famous actors (he was 24 and she to be 26). Imagine my delight to find, part time later, the these wunderkinds to be dating. Together Lin-Manuel Miranda speak it, Ramos had actually been "sneaking glances" in ~ Cephas Jones since the musical's first off-Broadway table read.

Ramos and Cephas Jones went to the Tonys and also the Grammys and also the White house with the Hamilton cast—a suitable show business dream journey—but they never ever seemed to lose sense of your roots. Together Ramos later put it: "It's prefer two youngsters from Brooklyn simply in the White House, in love, chilling." together they revealed their partnership online, the cuteness never abated. "Blessed to have the ability to see the smile nearly everyday and watch every one of the different phases of your hair. Love you beautiful," Ramos claimed on their two-anniversary ~ above Valentine's day 2017. "Please let me to buy the restroom paper, toothpaste, and Yucca shea moisture commodities for the remainder of our days."

Ramos and Cephas Jones left Hamilton within weeks the each other at the finish of 2016 and also this is where things got exciting for me beyond adorable Instagram captions (which ns generally discover annoying however not in their case). On-set romances happen all the time—the drama, the passion, the immersion in a an innovative bubble! yet a good many (most) don't last, particularly when that is members room young and also on the up-and-up. Hence: why I continued to check on Ramos and also Cephas Jones's connection status, together he landed duties in the TV adaptation the Spike Lee's She's Gotta have It, A Star Is Born, Trolls 2 (my Ramos fandom runs deep), and In the Heights, while Cephas Jones went on to the HBO display Mrs. Fletcher, the TV brief #Freerayshawn (for which she won an Emmy), and also the large and tiny screen versions of Blindspotting.

They seemed to defy the odds; the heritage of Jennifer Aniston and Tate Donovan or Jennifer Garner and also Scott Foley, in which just one member the the pair is destined to take off. Instead, both of your careers continued to escalate, and also they've remained together in the six years from their joint breakout. I love a relationship with no apparent beta, particularly one in between a young, excellent couple of color (Ramos is Puerto Rican and also Cephas Jones is biracial), when so many of Hollywood's many beloved couples to the right the very same homogenous profile.

They have actually publicly championed each various other at every turn. "Can’t even define how proud i am of you," Cephas Jones created to Ramos top top Instagram before the current In the Heights premiere. "You continue to shock the human being with your substantial talent and large kind heart. You deserve it all and also more." In 2019, Ramos congratulated Cephas Jones top top her duty in Off-Broadway's Cyrano, writing: "Your strength is beyond belief." they got involved on Christmas eve 2018 in prior of Cephas Jones's "favorite castle" in Arundel, England. "Here's to an ext Basquiat paints in Paris, castle adventures in England, deep convos end a cup the tea, making much more movies together, writing and also singing songs together, walks through Nala , dancing under countless moons in Puerto Rico and most of all loving each other for a lifetime through the bad and the good," she wrote on Instagram. "Thank you for saying yes to composing stories together for the rest of our lives," Ramos said.

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Anyone else keen to be adopted by them and also join this worldwide adventure act? Hamilton inspired countless awards and accolades however Ramos and Cephas Jones's real-life love story may be the ideal thing come come the end of it.