In the throes of new York Fashion Week, ns met maybe the chillest models in Manhattan: Jasmine Tookes and Tobias Sorensen. In their Soho hotel suite, lock laughed, cooed about their an initial date, and also completed each other’s sentences. The would have actually been nauseating if they weren’t so casually adorable, and also if they weren’t likewise there to work-related — together the two new faces that Calvin Klein’s Eternity currently fragrances, an eau de parfum for women and also a cologne because that men. Read on to discover out around their dating rituals and how Jasmine takes treatment of she dreamy skin.

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How go you two meet?Tobias Sorensen: us met in brand-new York v some girlfriend in typical at a arbitrarily night out.Jasmine Tookes: at a nightclub.T.S.: ns spotted Jasmine right away was standing a couple of tables over and I couldn’t prevent looking. I went as much as her finally and also introduced myself and asked she for her phone number. Prior to I left the club, ns went ago to her and told her the I’d love to take it her the end for coffee if she was interested. She goes, “Uh, deserve to I watch your phone call again? I think I may have typed in the number wrong.” She had offered me a fake number in ~ first! ~ the club, us would view each other out randomly in the city, however she was playing really tough to get. Ns would message her and she would certainly wait 3 or 4 days come respond.J.T.: Or no respond in ~ all.T.S.: So points took a while, yet then—J.T.: 2 months later on we go on a real date.T.S.: Then things went yes, really fast. We pretty much relocated in from job One. Us went on vacation with each other to Turks and Caicos two months into our relationship. Us walked into our hotel room in Turks and the bathroom, the totality shower to be this glass cube. You can lie in bed and literally watch the other human shower. We barely knew every other.J.T.: so awkward.T.S.: Jasmine called her mom, and was like, “Shit, yes sir this glass shower and also no privacy!”J.T.: i was nervous.T.S.: ns was happy, a happy boy.


Jasmine and also Tobias. Photo: Courtesy the Calvin Klein

What does Eternity currently smell prefer to you?J.T.: The women’s fragrance is really fresh and also fruity. The smells favor you’re an extremely clean — favor you simply stepped the end of the shower on a feather day.T.S.: The men’s fragrance is really masculine, an extremely sexy. It has a twisted of sandalwood. It’s new York. When I think that Eternity now I think it reflects me and Jasmine’s relationship. Ns think ago to where we met and also being crazy in love.

Describe every other’s organic scent.J.T.: <To Tobias> execute you really want me to say? T.S.: <Laughs nervously.>J.T.: He has actually a an excellent natural scent. He just smells like man.T.S.: Jasmine is always an extremely fresh-smelling. Ns guess that the moisture from her skin; ns love that smell.

What is your an initial scent memory?T.S.: The odor of cedarwood and fresh grass. My family members had a house in Sweden in the middle of the forest, and I remember together a kid, I would wake up in the early on morning with the windows open and smell cedarwood.J.T.: because that me, it’s sandalwood. Mine mom constantly had candles the smelled the sandalwood, for this reason every time I would look for a fragrance I would ask: “Do you have anything the smells favor sandalwood?” ns love it. It’s an extremely fresh to me and also musky.

How perform you treat her skin?J.T.: I have actually a dermatologist in Los Angeles, Dr. Pearl Grimes, and I use every one of her commodities for breakouts or anything like that. Or I choose to use vitamin C serum, or vitamin E — the little pill capsules — and also you pop them and rub them all over your face before you go to bed to moisturize.T.S.: She teach me that trick. I use Le Mieux.J.T.: I also have a tiny face steamship at residence I prefer to usage if I understand I’m walking to have actually a big event the following day. Okay exfoliate maybe once a week, but I choose to save everything really natural and also not take it too much off of my skin.T.S.: I’ve never ever been really concentrated on taking care of my skin. Yet as I’ve gained older, i have learned to take more care. Jasmine teaches me tricks, favor buying more expensive products, but I nothing really have a routine.

Which skin-care products do you usage on your body?J.T.: My thing — ever since I was a little kid — is to usage baby lotion, prefer the Johnson & Johnson in the pink bottle, or infant oil. The second I obtain out of the shower, ns lather infant oil almost everywhere my skin so the it continues to be soft and also smooth.

What’s her holy-grail assembly product?J.T.: i love a great eyelash curler. I’m a assembly junkie. I love to mix foundations due to the fact that it’s difficult to uncover the appropriate shade. Ns just dropped in love with Armani Luminous Silk structure and it’s golden.

How carry out you treat your hair?J.T.: ns care around my skin for this reason much, but for my hair i don’t usage anything special. Once I’m not working I shot not to put any heat ~ above it in ~ all. Yet as much as assets go, I just use random shampoo and also conditioner. I simply bought the Kardashian beauty, beauty blow-dry spray. It is amazing. It renders your hair super-shiny. And their dry seed oil — ~ you’re excellent straightening or giving your hair waves, you operation that through and it’s really nice. Ns would never think to use it, however it’s good.

Tobias, just how did you get the scar on her face?T.S.: ns was struck by a bulldog as soon as I was 6 year old.J.T.: and also now he has a bulldog.T.S.: ns love bulldogs. Ns love every dogs. My family members bought me a dog pretty fast after that experience for me to get over that fear and also face it. I never ever really thought about this totality industry due to the fact that of this large scar. ~ above my first day of work-related at a clothes store in Copenhagen, i was scouted by the men’s head booker from Elite. I was in school ago then, researching business. Lock told me from the beginning not to mean too much. But my scar became my trademark. It’s just funny just how things change.

This interview has actually been edited and also condensed.

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