Jachild Alexander’s head has undergone some alters freshly. More specifically, his signature baldness has actually been reput through a toupee — to the solid reactions of some.

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The Seinfeld star addressed the issue on The Late Late Sexactly how with Craig Ferguson last night when the host referred to as Alexander out on his vanity.

“I execute standup comedy, a show dubbed ‘Jachild Alexander — An Evening With Jason Alexander and His Hair’. And so the hair has actually billing and an agent and also so I had to wear it on your display,” Alexander joked. Fergukid was quick to speak to his hair “terrific,” and Alexander let him in on a tiny secret: it “price a bloody fortune.”

Here’s a toupee mashup that consists of a scene of Jachild Alexander in a famed Seinfeld clip where he’s wearing one more — we’re assuming much cheaper — toupee:


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