The American expert golfer, Jason Christopher Dufner was born on march 24, 1977, in Cleveland, Ohio. He moved to the Washington, D.C. Area when he to be 11 year old, and also then to fort Lauderdale, Florida once he was 14. His parents to be Frank Dufner and Barbara Schultz. Dufner"s laid-back mannerisms have actually led come the ax "Dufnering," which specifically describes a slumped sitting position with one expressionless face. The term originated in march 2013 after a picture went publicly of Dufner slumping there is no expression while visiting a youth facility in Irving, Texas. Afterward, Keegan Bradley and several other expert golfers good-naturedly mocked Dufner through Twitter and other social media, and "Dufnering" rapidly ended up being a well-known phenomenon.
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Jason Dufner connection Status

Jason Dufner is right now single. However,Dufner to be married to his girlfriend Amanda married in 2012.They were considered one the the golden couples that golf. But life is difficult, the pair be separated in February that 2015, and also the divorce to be finalized on march 31. According to the divorce settlement, filed on in march 16 by Amanda, there had actually been an "irretrievable break down of the marriage and there was a finish incompatibility of temperament that the parties have the right to no much longer live together. As part of the settlement, Amanda has been awarded $2.5million (£1.8m) when Jason will save two of the couple"s houses.Amanda Boyd is the ex-wife the Jason Dufner, She was married come him at Fountainview Mansion, Lee County, Alabama, us in may 2012. She met him in 2009 through common friends in Auburn and also was divorced in at an early stage 2015. They had a pet dog called Prince Louie Dufner.

Jason Dufner"s Ex-wife Amanda Boyd

Jason Dufner"s Ex-wife Amanda Boydis the daughter that Mickey Boyd and Elizabeth Boyd. Sheis a indigenous of Alabama. She attended the university of Alabama from where she i graduated in 2010.

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As a college student in 2009, Boyd met golfer Jason Dufner, a graduate of competitor Auburn college, through a common friend.
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