Friday Night Lights: What occurred To J.D. McCoy after ~ Season 4 Friday Night lights featured a string of memorable characters, but what taken place to the Dillon Panthers" quarterback, J.D. McCoy, after season 4?

JD McCoy in Friday Night Light
What occurred to Joe Doyle "J.D." McCoy (Jeremy Sumpter), the Dillon Panthers’ prodigiously gifted quarterback, after Friday Night Lights season 4? The high college football drama went v something that a reset because that season 3, with numerous Dillon High student graduating and thus leaving the Panthers behind. This necessitated some fresh blood for coach Eric Taylor’s (Kyle Chandler) team in Friday Night Lights.

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That had McCoy, who was viewed as the following Jason Street (Scott Porter): an tremendous talent who can take the team to more glory, and was destined to beat in the NFL. The course, points were never ever that straightforward in Dillon. J.D. Had actually an mindset problem and also ego, compounded by his father’s abusive therapy of him and the pressure on his young shoulders. If J.D. Ongoing as West Dillon’s quarterback also after Coach Taylor left and East Dillon’s team was created in season 4, the character ultimately faded indigenous view.

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After Friday Night Lights season 4, in which he is a bit-part player in Luke Cafferty"s (Matt Lauria) storyline and the recurring rivalry through the Lions, J.D. McCoy is never ever seen again. It’s not revealed what taken place to him, but given the drama neighboring the family and Dillon no much longer being in the thrall that Joe McCoy (D. W. Moffett), that seems most likely they left town. This id was sustained by showrunner Jason Katmis in a 2011 interview through TV Guide, wherein he said: “I think he and also his dad went earlier to Dallas. Ns think they might never really overcome Dillon the way they thought they to be going to. So that"s where J.D. Is.”

Matt Saracen and JD McCoy in Friday Night Lights
also at that point, Joe’s score would’ve been obtaining his child to the NFL. It’s informing that in Friday Night Lights season 5, the Panthers’ head coach is Mac mcgill (Blue Deckert), fairly than J.D.’s former an individual coach wade Aikmen (Drew Waters), who hosted the function in season 4 following Taylor’s exit. This support the concept that J.D. Left Dillon, and perhaps did go earlier to Dallas. One concept is that he’s the quarterback for the Hudgin Hawks, the team the eastern Dillon Lions to win to victory State, due to the fact that he likewise wears #12 and also plays a bit like him. It’s certainly plausible, however feels prefer the type of thing Friday Night Lights would’ve make a bigger transaction of. Offered McCoy’s capability he might well have had actually a bright future, and perhaps more shots in ~ a championship, despite it’s additionally very feasible he melted out or chose to avoid playing (maybe top top account of his father’s actions).

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Either way, it wasn’t unheard of because that Friday Night Lights come drop characters. As well as J.D., the many notable instance is in the an enig of what happened to Santiago Herrera (Benny Ciaramello), who never returned after season 2. In that case, the sudden finishing of the present due to the writers strike (and the negative reception to season 2) do the many dropped storylines more understandable. Friday Night Lights certainly wasn’t hurt for no seeing the finish to J.D’s story, but it would be been fascinating to view what ended up being of him.