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Quick Facts about Jessica Betts

Jessica Betts is one American inspirational rock & heart singer as well as a songwriter. In the year 2005, she won "Road to Stardom" and went on to be inducted as a bet Music matters artist. Her hit track is "Catch Me". She started her to sing career through a recording transaction at Restless records in the year 2000. She also released she debut album "You Can"t Resist" v the record label. She grandmother was she primary catalyst for the reason to start her to sing career. She then earned she studio time v the Boyz II males when she was just eighteen. Jessica Betts is also energetic in social media with more than 60K followers on she Instagram account and more than 6K pendant on she Twitter account. Recently, she got married to her husband, Niecy Nash which to be announced with Instagram.

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Everything come Know about Jessica Betts

Actress Niecy Nash Married To absent & heart Musician Jessica Betts

"Claws" actress Niecy Nash and also soul singer-songwriter Jessica Betts revealed Monday via social media the they had tied the knot. Betts captioned she Instagram article of the happy couple decked out in white, adding the hashtag #LoveWins. The wedding news take it fans through surprise, essentially serving together a coming the end for Nash, who has actually played queer characters before but never discussed her own identity publicly. Nash married her second husband, electric engineer Jay Tucker, in 2011 and also announced your divorce in October 2019. It to be finalized in March. Nash is also known because that her roles on "Reno 911!," "Mrs. America" and "When They check out Us." In 2014, she play Dr. Jean Fishman, a lesbian doctor, ~ above "The Mindy Project." three years later, she talked to the LGBTQ+ newspaper between the Lines about the role. In 2018, Betts posted an Instagram video clip of Nash singing her song "Catch Me" v Betts accompanying her on guitar. "This mrs of God, I"m honored and also blessed in she presence. She"s anointed and also appointed," Betts composed in the caption.

Niecy Nash marries Singer Jessica Betts: everything to Know about Niecy Nash and Jessica Betts

Famous For

Being one American rock & spirit singer.Being crowned in the Missy Elliott"s UPN reality show, The roadway to Stardom v Missy Elliott.Being the mam of Niecy Nash.

niecynash1 #Bettsofbothworlds #LoveWins." In the picture, i beg your pardon the pair shared come their respective Instagram accounts, Nash, 50, is wearing a white mermaid format bridal gown as she holds increase her bouquet in one hand.

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Betts is pull in a white suit but ditched the jacket in donate of a more casual look. Nash recognized that she wedding comes as a shock to numerous of her followers, creating on she Instagram Story, "#PlotTwist."