Jesy Nelson is best known for being one fourth of little Mix – however long before the girlband started winning BRIT Awards, providing public shout-outs to your exes and winning The X Factor, Jesy to be in among the the biggest film franchises ever.

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The 25-year-old singer has revealed she actually starred in Harry Potter and The Goblet that Fire once she was a youngster.

Speaking on Australian radio, Jesy described that she featured together an extra during the Yule round scene that the 4th film, saying: "Yeah, I was in Harry Potter."

And that"s no the only blockbuster she"s to be a component of either. The tiny Mix star likewise confirmed that she was in 2002 struggle About A Boy, together Hugh Grant and Nicholas Hoult.


Putting on a false Aussie accent, Jesy added: "Really? I"ve remained in a few others hun, About a Boy v Hugh Grant. You have the right to see me and also my little round head."


It come after Jesy Nelson shown Essex"s worst-kept-secret – that she"s in a partnership with TOWIE"s chris Clark.

Since chris posted a picture of the pair with each other at BRIT Awards ago in February, the pair have actually been utilizing Instagram to confirm their relationships to fans, first by sending cutesy love emoji comments to every other, and then v a kissing snap the made the couple Insta-official once and for all.


Jesy separation with Coleen Nolan and Shane Richie"s kid Jake Roche ago in December ~ an 18-month engagement, v Rixton"s tune "I make an oath She"ll be the death of Me" rumoured to be about their break-up.

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