The Weather Channel's Jim Cantore struggle a college student in the crotch top top live TV Tuesday, Jan. 28, 2014.

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Meteorologists have to deliver weather reports in the challenge of hurricanes, hail, eye and more -- so of food they can handle a rambunctious young man in search of a small fame.

The Weather Channel's Jim Cantore to be reporting top top a winter storm Tuesday in Charleston, southern Carolina, when a local college student tried to "videobomb" him. The unidentified male ran towards Cantore during the live TV transfer on the university of Charleston campus, apparently hoping to develop the next an excellent news blooper or viral video.

He got his wish. Cantore easily turned and also kneed the student in the crotch, sending out him flying earlier off screen.

"Obviously, below at the college of Charleston lock are currently having a great time," Cantore conveniently said, never missing a beat during the broadcast.

Of course, the surprise assault wasn't really stealthy because the ambusher to be yelling beforehand. But still, he gained his

It's simply the recent in countless adventures for Cantore, 49, who narrates "Storm Stories" on TWC and also has to be nicknamed the "Rock Star the Meteorologists."

He make headlines critical week, too, once he called CNN that he thinks Americans rely more on The Weather Channel 보다 the national Weather business during emergencies.

"I really think once you type of look at The Weather Channel overall, and also you think around what happens before a storm, whether you're one emergency manager's office, even if it is you're even at the national Weather company or a neighborhood TV station, your an initial hint in ~ what's come come is native The Weather Channel," he claimed while pointing out DirecTV's dispute with TWC, according to E! News.

Cantore obtained bumped from showing up on sportscaster Dan Patrick's display this week since of the feud, The Los Angeles time reports. The weatherman was booked to talk around the estimate for Sunday's super Bowl, but DirecTV own Patrick's show that appears on the cable provider's Audience Channel and also the NBC sporting activities Network.

DirecTV stopped carrying The Weather Channel previously this month due to the fact that of a contract dispute. More than 81,000 subscribers in the area haven't been able to check out the network because Jan. 14.

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