After recently enduring a raging roller coaster, Kevin Hart andThe tonight Showhost determined to effort an even scarier feat, through visiting a haunted residence in respect of Halloween.

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“Blood Manor” is famously recognized as the scariest haunted home in new York City and also Fallon was plainly not looking front to finding the end why. “Roller coaster are OK, I have the right to do it for a little bit, yet I carry out not prefer being scared, ns am, for real, scared.”

Hart appeared calmer than his companion in crime, and also couldn’t pass up the possibility to teaseFallonabout his goose bumps. “You can jump the end on me if you desire to, but, you’re walk to obtain a boots to the neck.”

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The pair begin their trek right into the darkness, wherein they to be treated to creatures jumping the end from everywhere and the sights and sounds the horror. They to be grabbed, harassed and also tossed around and one allude Hart also admitted, “Jimmy, i farted!”

The fun continued with strange personalities making noises and also the pair running for their lives. Toward the end, Hart ultimately yelled, “Let me out!” and the lamp come on.

Embarrassedby his cries, Hartcautioned viewers,“If in ~ any point you guys watch this and also it looks prefer I am afraid, it’s because I to be an actor.”

Hart made his exit after one an ext monster growled at them, and Fallon to be left alone, wishing his departing companion “Happy Halloween.”

Watch their endure below.

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