The Cubs' whirlwind media blitz headed into its 2nd week top top Monday. Not just did David Ross gain to sit in the Batmobile, yet Kris Bryant was a guest on "Jimmy Kimmel Live," too. Meanwhile, across the country Dexter Fowler, Ben Zobrist and also Anthony Rizzo had actually some fun of their own on "The Tonight present Starring Jimmy Fallon."The dual-booking of miscellaneous Chicago stars ~ above late-night shows triggered Rizzo to obtain out the poll in a huge way:

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ARizzo44) November 8, 2016

As for Bryant's visit with Kimmel, he arrived in style:

Backstage in ~ #Kimmel v
JimmyKimmelLive) November 8, 2016

And, due to the fact that there is definitively no more goat-related 'curse' put upon the Cubs, Bryant appeared alongside one that occurred to it is in wearing a 'W' flag:

And met a an especially emotional fan:

You can see more clips that Bryant's figure here, consisting of his thoughts on the rain hold-up and why the may have helped the Cubs.All in all, another eventful night for one of the World collection Champions.

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