’s Sleep Diaries is a new weekly collection where interesting human being share your late-night habits.

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Welcome to Sleep Diaries, a brand-new series where interesting civilization share a week’s precious of late-night habits. They’ll phone call you, the reader, exactly how they wrap up their day, exactly how they get to sleep, stay asleep or fall ago asleep, and also how castle feel once they wake up up in the morning. Why? due to the fact that sleep is America’s most Wanted thing. We chase after it choose an elusive elixir that"ll make united state look younger and also feel much less stressed. (Maybe since it will.) We assumed by getting human being to re-publishing what functions for them—and doesn’t—it might help you find much better ZZZs. Or at least offer you other entertaining come read. First, we have Joe Saylor, who can be watched every night at 11:35 p.m. On CBS"s The Late present with Stephen Colbert. He’s the drummer wearing the cowboy hat. A Julliard graduate, he’s now the percussionist in Jon Batiste’s wildly effective jazz band, stay Human. Joe has really good taste in jazz music and also pillows.

Sunday, march 31

I checked out the evening company at my church in time Square. It fits mine late-night routine better than the morning services. Mine pastor ongoing our Lenten series by preaching on Jesus’ final words at the cross. Afterward, around 20 friends and also I visited an Indian restaurant dubbed Dhaba. Ns took one Uber home and readjusted into a very light pair of sweatpants that ns wear bed. They room a gift native a friend who bought them because that me throughout a holidays in Thailand. On top I wear one of those white undershirt tank tops.

I have actually a queen-size bed that i bought ~ above Craigslist about 10 years earlier (I require a new bed!). It’s quiet comfortable, though. My sheets are fresh due to the fact that my cleaning lady Irene brings me new sheets every the time. She is therefore sweet. I have a noodle comforter that’s made by UGG. It’s very warm and also cozy. My key pillow is a mine Pillow and also I have actually two decorative pillows together well.

Monday, April 1

I felt well-rested native the weekend and finished taping the Late Show a small after 7 p.m. Tony award-winning gibbs Nathan roadway was on the show. We obtained our makeup excellent together and also I asked that what he wanted united state to play because that his walk-on. He said his favorite tune is George and also Ira Gershwin’s “Our Love Is below To Stay.” It’s among my favorites as well, so we played the for him.

I checked out my dressing room, acquired changed, and also went down to the West town to meet my girlfriend at an AIDS restore center, wherein she plays cards with citizens every various other Monday. She was simply wrapping up as I arrived. We walked end to Smalls Jazz Club, one of my favorite places to hang the end in the city. We heard the drumming genius Ari Hoenig and also his band.

I don’t usually have trouble fallout’s asleep, however tonight ns played episode of a podcast called Brilliant Perspectives by this man Graham Cooke. It"s title "A Prayer that Thankfulness" and it"s just 11 minutes long but I’ve never ever made it with the whole thing.

Tuesday, April 2

We had an extra long taping that the Late Show; Emilia Clarke the Game of Thrones to be our guest and H.E.R. Performed. I finished up around 7:30 p.m. And went to a heal prayer room in Hell"s Kitchen. It involves lots of inner healing, emotionally, spiritually, and even physically. ~ above this night, one woman stated she had actually a the majority of discomfort in she neck and also couldn"t perform a plank, for example, without severe pain. After ~ the prayer exercise, she was able to carry out a plank and those leg lifts the make that harder and also said she feeling nothing.

Later, i went the end to dinner v my girlfriend, our friend Mike, and also the base player that the Late Show band, luigi Cato. Louis is a episode connoisseur, for this reason we took pleasure in some an excellent sushi at episode Yasaka. Ns sleep until about 8 a.m the following morning, walked to my local bodega and got a new celery juice. I"ve been doing that every morning for a pair months now.


Wednesday, April 3

After work, ns went to fulfill Eddie, the original saxophone player in remain Human, and also his fiancée Kat at a wine bar. (I don"t drink, so I got a water.) then I checked out the gym. I took the subway home and walked through the door just in time come grab mine cymbals and head to Smoke Jazz & Supper Club. I lead the "Round Midnight session in ~ the club. This time, legendary Johnny O’Neal came and sang with us.

Wednesday is usually the night I obtain very tiny sleep due to the fact that my gig in ~ Smoke go late and also I regularly don’t acquire to bed until about 3 or 4 a.m. This night to be no exception.

Thursday, April 4

I was an extremely sick ~ the show. I checked out my girlfriend’s apartment and also she took treatment of me. She"s the best.

Friday, April 5

My band, remain Human, played a an extremely cool gig. It to be the opening night the a series called Soundtrack come America, celebrating the influence of African-American culture. The was held at The Shed, a new music venue at the brand new Hudson Yards. Jon Batiste put together a marching band of much more than 100 musicians to commemorate the return the the Harlem Hellfighters Band, of the 369th Infantry, from people War 1. The night was produced by Steve McQueen and Quincy Jones.

Saturday, April 6

I still wake up in ~ 8 a.m., grab my celery juice, and also prepare for friends visiting from out of town. It to be beautiful so we took a go through prospect Park, went record shopping, and also then went to dinner at St. Mazie in Williamsburg. I took one Uber home and listened to a few of the records I bought the day. I began with Michael Jackson"s Thriller on vinyl and also thought, Nope, too lot for me best now and also switched to beam Charles to wind down.

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