Even before the heroic struggle with cancer of Joey Feek, she has currently shared she deeply-rooted confidence in songs.

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This to be one seal in her life the didn’t adjust when she to be diagnosed with cervical cancer in might 2014, causing multiple surgeries, chemotherapy, and also radiation. In fact, after ~ that, Joey had gathered all her toughness to focus on new music through her husband Rory Feek, simply as they go after projecting to the country spotlight as to sing duo Joey + Rory top top CMT’s Can girlfriend Duet in 2008.

Her Garden, still a living Testimony of her Love

We may not know it yet, however during Joey’s last days, she planted vegetable in her garden to keep feeding her family members when she’s gone. part may point out she did this due to the fact that of her firm faith in God. Others can say it’s her love for her children. Also, rather may say that the an essential was she husband’s cursed support.

In the face of cancer, this garden to plan was their family’s means to deal with solid emotions. As component of their promise to likewise make sure that Joey’s remaining time on planet is happy and blessed, they flourished plants in their garden. It is well-known as Joey’s Garden. This was done through the hope that after Joey dies, she’ll still it is in feeding she family. She take it serious care with her little seedlings, very closely planting castle in tiny eggshell pots. She tended to them v all the treatment she has actually for many of the points in she life.

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“In The Garden” through Joey + Rory, My favorite Version

Knowing that Joey placed up a garden of she own, this gospel standard takes on a deeper definition in Joey + Rory’s home movie. Rory when took to his blog a sweet video clip of Joey and also daughter Indiana’s clear day in one of Joey’s favourite spots at your Pottsville, Tennessee, farmhouse. The said,

“As I create this … my wife is in her garden, the baby on a blanket near her. She’s weeding her squash, and also broccoli and also kale, and also the cucumbers that have actually just poked their heads up the end of the soil. Yet she’s not simply tending to her vegetables – she tending to her soul.”

We have the right to say the all important things come Joey never waver; not through great times or poor times, not through tears or joy.

Now, God walks and also talks through her in that beautiful garden – wherein we’ll all be, in His time. And also the happiness they share? who would have actually known?