After just 5 months of digital marriage, Lee Jong Hyun and also Gong Seung Yeon left We gained Married suddenly, netizens room curious through the suddenly leave due to the fact that they to be on the height of their digital marriage and also closer than ever. Many are speculating the possibility of them having real attraction v each other hence they made decision to leaving the show. When I read the article, ns rolled my eyes and also sighed. Have the right to we please prevent the delusional thoughts for once? Jong Hyun and also Seung Yeon can seemed close and very lovey-dovey but WGM is a virtual marriage display for heaven sake, they room being payment to act like that with each other.

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Jong Hyun and Seung Yeon are both actors and understand very well just how they have to act in this show, not to cite the writer and also PD also guided them with the concept. In mine opinion, Jongyeon couple is blatantly fake, your vibe is comparable to Nam Goong Min and Hong Jin Young couple. Correctly they space being lovey-dovey and overly sweet v each other however it’s all just an act, both are working hard to entertain united state a a sweet pair and i respect them for that. And also don’t get me wrong, I prefer this couple but the probability of them dating in actual life is absolutely zero.

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They could follow every other’s Instagram and said they room friends external the show however in truth they probably simply meet roughly 8 times for the whole show. Various other than come train this actor’s exhilaration skill, WGM is likewise a good vehicle to rise their popularity and also it works really well for Seung Yeon, I believe I saw several her confront lately also in a purchase mall of mine country, ns think she ended up being the face of a brand-new Korean cosmetics brand or something. Jong Hyun is popular currently with CNBLUE however he frequently overshadowed by the various other members like Yong Hwa therefore the WGM stint is his opportunity to shine together an individual. He is undoubtedly a charming and talented guy.

Anyway, ns think it’s not strange for a WGM couple to leaving suddenly, the happened regularly before and the show’s rating is pretty negative hence the PD just made decision to include a new couple to spice things up. Jongyeon pair is sweet and also entertaining but I feel bored after numerous episodes, Jong Hyun obviously tried to reenact the cheesy lines native Song Jae Rim, yet it gets repeated after a while.

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They space still a beautiful couple though, their visual is daebak! i wish all the finest for their future works. What execute you think about this couple? Fake or actual deal?