most of the gibbs from the upcoming G.I. Joe: The increase of Cobra have defined the film as pure unreality, even admitting come overacting simply to save up v the crazy civilization of the action figures. Cobra command himself, Joseph Gordon-Levitt, fesses up that he just couldn"t take it seriously his character"s score of trying to rule the world.

"Well, the movie has actually nothing to do with reality," Gordon-Levitt stated in a team interview over the weekend in Santa Monica, Calif., whereby he was cultivating the comedy (500) job of Summer. "It"s yes, really just about being an archetype."

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The archetype of Cobra is easier than also labels prefer "soldier" or "villain." "I"m just a future ruler of the world," Gordon-Levitt said. The is nice broad.

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After play a goofy teenager alien for five years top top the sitcom third Rock indigenous the Sun, Gordon-Levitt chose a collection of dramatic independent films that efficiently forced Hollywood to take it him seriously. He played an erratic patient in a mental institution in Manic, a sexually abused teenage street hustler in mysterious Skin, a head-trauma victim in The Lookout and also a soldier v post-traumatic stress disorder in Stop-Loss. For this reason yeah, acquisition over the world is child"s play.

"It"s fun," Gordon-Levitt said. "It"s choose playing v toys. It"s choose being a kid and also playing."


Hasbro first came out through G.I. Joe as a 12-inch activity figure in 1964. The "80s experienced the toy line expand—and the numbers themselves shrink, to under 4 inches—and also brought one animated collection about the plenty of battles between the Joes and Cobra. The climb of Cobra is a brand-new live-action movie version long awaited by Gen-Xers who accumulated the TV present on DVD and never threw out their toys.

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Gordon-Levitt has actually completed work-related on Joe and also moved on come promotional duties ~ above (500) work of Summer and also joined the actors of Christopher Nolan"s mystery upcoming sci-fi film Inception. The does not even know exactly how Joe rotate out. "It"s not done," the said. "I haven"t checked out it."

He dodged any kind of further questions. Co-stars Channing Tatum and Marlon Wayans evidenced that they operated trademark G.I. Joe toy capture phrases right into the film, favor references to "kung fu grip." but asked if he found any type of Cobra lines, Gordon-Levitt just laughed and said, "Uh-huh." G.I. Joe: The increase of Cobra opens Aug. 7.