Josie Maran Biography

Josie Maran is a model, actress, and entrepreneur indigenous the United claims who is well-known for her skilled contract as a spokesmodel for Maybelline International, wherein she has showed up in many advertisements and also commercials.

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How old is Josie Maran? – Age

She is 42 year old as of 8 might 2020. She to be born Johanna Selhorst “Josie” Maran in 1978 in Menlo Park, California, joined States.

Josie Maran Family

Maran’s father is of Russian-Jewish ancestry and also worked in eco-friendly buildings. She mother, Roberta, was an artist and also interior decorator who suffered from chronic fatigue syndrome, which motivated the family members to live a healthy lifestyle.

Josie Maran Husband

Maran and her ex-partner, Iranian-American photographer Ali Alborzi, have actually two daughters, Rumi Joon, born in 2006, and Indi Joon, born in 2012. On august 26, 2018, Maran married David Belle.

Josie Maran net Worth

She has actually an estimated net precious of $10 Million.

Josie Maran Cosmetics

In June 2007, Maran introduced her own natural cosmetics line, Josie Maran Cosmetics. The company’s slogan is “luxury with a conscience,” and also the key ingredient in skincare and cosmetics is fair trade argan oil, which is grown and harvested by Moroccan women’s cooperatives. In addition to her organization activities, she is dedicated to the conservation and innovation of nature and the environment.

Josie Maran Photo

Josie Maran The Gravedancers

She was cast as Kira Hayden in the 2006 American horror film The Gravedancers.


Sid, Kira, and Harris, former college friends, go the end drinking after a funeral. Sid discovers a black color envelope tucked behind a flower garland at the grave. It includes a poem urging those existing to rejoice and dance top top the graves. The three, in your drunken state, regard this as a celebration event of life and dance. After that, weird things begin to happen.

A demonic force assaults Kira, Sid is plagued by unanticipated fires, and Kira is murdered. The spiritual pressure in the residence combines to form a demonic head. Allison and also Harris return the skull come its corpse, and the wrathful spirits vanish.

Josie Maran little Black Book

She showed up as Lulu Fritz in the 2004 American comedy-drama film little Black Book.


Derek is a reluctant boyfriend that refuses come talk around his ahead relationships. Stacy Holt is an associate producer ~ above a talk present hosted through the domineering Kippie Kann. Under the guise of perhaps inviting Derek’s ex-girlfriend Lulu back on the show, Stacy investigates Derek’s ex-girlfriend Lulu. Lulu informs Stacy the their connection was purely sexual, and she only returned come him because she to be bored through him. Stacy division up v Derek, admitting tearfully that she is no the right person for him. Prior to leaving the show, she motivates him come reconcile through Joyce. Stacy confronts Barb backstage, that tries to safeguard her actions and congratulates Stacy ~ above the episode’s success.

Josie Maran The Aviator

She play the role of Thelma the tobacco Girl in the 2004 American epos biographical drama film The Aviator.

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Howard Hughes’ mother warns him about a recent cholera outbreak in Houston in 1914. In 1928, he begins directing Hell’s Angels. Hughes exam the H-1 Racer in 1935, setup a new speed record. 3 years later, he division the people record because that the more quickly round-the-world trip in four days. Hughes contract two jobs with the army Air forces in the mid-1940s, one for a spy plane and the various other for a troop deliver unit for usage in people War II. Hughes becomes significantly paranoid as his OCD worsens. The FBI searches his home for proof of battle profiteering, browsing his thing and, come his horror, tracking dirt through his house. Hughes’ OCD symptom worsen, and he retreats come a remote “germ-free zone” for 3 months. Hughes begins hallucinating males in germ-resistant suits after successfully flying the aircraft.

Josie Maran Movies

♦ 2006 – The Gravedancers♦ 2005 – The Confession♦ 2004 – van Helsing♦ 2004 – small Black Book♦ 2004 – The Aviator♦ 2002 – The Mallory Effect♦ 2002 – Swatters

Josie Maran TV Shows

♦ 2009 – America’s following Top Model, Cycle♦ 2007 – Jimmy Kimmel Live!♦ 2007 – Dancing v the Stars♦ 2005 – Jimmy Kimmel Live!♦ 2004 – Jimmy Kimmel Live!♦ 2004 – valve Helsing: Behind the Screams♦ 2004 – The late Late present with Craig Kilborn♦ 2004 – so late Night with Conan O’Brien♦ 2003 – Jimmy Kimmel Live!♦ 2002 – The late Late present with Craig Kilborn