Following in the footsteps that Taylor Swift after the “Starbucks lovers” debacle, Justin Timberlake finds himself setup the record straight on his summer smash “Can’t prevent the Feeling.”

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During Friday’s illustration of The Ellen DeGeneres Show, the host told Timberlake the text to his song’s climax were “just electric.” It every started once Timberlake revealed the his and also wife Jessica Biel’s 18-month-old kid Silas knows every the words come the hit. “You know exactly how much i love that song,” stated DeGeneres. “I sent you a video of me singing that song.”

“My favourite was you’re like, ‘Just electric,'” defined Timberlake, imitating DeGeneres’ lyrics fail. “I was like, ‘That’s no the words.'”

Confident that he his own song, Timberlake went earlier and forth through DeGeneres. “It pretty clearly says, ‘Just imagine,'” he said.

“Really?!” said a shocked DeGeneres, who polled the audience come make certain she wasn’t alone. “Did y’all know that?”

To acquire support, DeGeneres played the song and danced as Timberlake laughed. “Alright, well, I’m glad to see some other world thought it was ‘just electric,'” she said.



The singer likewise touched ~ above his family’s Halloween celebration and also gushed around Silas, revealing the his “amazing” small boy is acquisition after his dad ~ above the golf food (though he’s not quite scoring) and also with his run moves. Halloween was a different story, though. “He was no feeling his wig,” Timberlake claimed of Silas, that matched his parents in Trolls costumes. “He didn’t desire to store his wig on.”

Watch the clip below and also check your regional listings to discover out once you deserve to watch Timberlake’s full



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