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Keeping Up v The Kardashians returns tonight through an all-new Sunday, July 10, season 12 episode 10 dubbed “Iced Out” and we have your weekly keeping Up with The Kardashians recap below. ~ above tonight’s episode, ~ the notice of his engagement, plunder Kardashian has one more piece the news the will change the family members forever.

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On the last episode, Kris take it her family on a surprised vacation come Vail, Colo.; and also the Ks reacted to news the Rob had proposed come Blac Chyna. Did you watch critical week’s episode? If friend missed it, we have actually a full and also detailed keeping Up v The Kardashians recap right here for you.

On tonight’s episode per the E! synopsis “after the announcement of his engagement, rob has an additional piece the news that will readjust the family forever; Kylie battles with stress from gift in the spotlight.”

Tonight is going come be an additional crazy episode that you won’t desire to miss and neither execute I, therefore be sure to tune in because that our live coverage of E!’s “Keeping Up through The Kardashians” this evening at 9PM EST! Meanwhile, while girlfriend wait for our maintaining Up with the Kardashians recap hit the comments section and let united state know exactly how excited friend are about this season of KUWTK, what has been her favorite part so far in this twelfth season?

Tonight’s episode begins nowRefresh Page regularly to get the most present updates!

This week on keeping Up with the Kardashians Kim is preparing to go to Iceland because that Kanye’s video clip shoot. She is sitting in the makeup chair with Kourtney. She speak Kourtney “I really desire you to go through me.” Kourtney claims “Yeah, that would certainly be fun. Make it a birthday trip.” Kourtney is worried about leaving the children on her date of birth weekend, but she says “I want to be adventurous and do things.”

Khloe and also Lamar room talking at she house. The asks she “Is Robert acquiring married?” Khloe says “I guess that is.” Lamar tells her “I expect he is focused since marriage is hard.” Khloe laughs. She claims “Your marriage was hard?” Lamar tells she “I have been there before.” They contact Rob native Khloe’s phone and also she issues that that won’t answer. Plunder does prize the call. Lamar asks him “Are you acquiring married soon?” Rob says “I don’t know around soon, yet we are obtaining married.” The two proceed to talk and make a date to have actually lunch ~ above Friday. Khloe claims “I to be glad Rob and also Lamar space close. I simply still wish for my one on one time with Rob. I really miss that.”Scott goes come visit Kris to talk to her about Kourtney’s upcoming birthday. The tells her “Kourtney and

Scott goes come visit Kris to talk to her around Kourtney’s upcoming birthday. He tells she “Kourtney and also i have actually spent all of our birthdays with each other for the last ten years. This year she is going to Iceland. Must I present up in Iceland and surprise she or have to I just say forget it and leave that alone.” Kris tells him “She wants to watch you do an effort.” Scott claims “It’s just hard to know what to do due to the fact that we space not with each other anymore.”Meanwhile, in Iceland Kim, Kourtney, and their friends are enjoying having lunch at an yes, really Iceland restaurant. Kim claims “I desire to experience actual Iceland culture before we head come Kanye’s shoot.” in ~ the restaurant, they reap a wonderful tomato dish and also Kim speak Kourtney and also her friends “Kanye’s shoot is at the optimal of a mountain.” They all look amazed and also her friend Jonathan asks “How space you acquiring there? through helicopter?” Kim claims “Yes.”

Khloe is still struggling with her connection with Scott. She and Malika are having lunch and talking around the situation. Khloe tells she “I feel poor that Rob and also Lamar are making to plan to cave out, yet he isn’t making an initiative to reach the end to me and spend time v me.” Malika asks her if she wants to be consisted of with Lamar and Scott. She tells her “No. Ns don’t desire to be consisted of in your thing. I want to have the ability to spend with him simply the two of us.”

Kim has left to go be v Kanye during his fittings for his video shoot. She says “I don’t desire to ditch Kourtney ~ above her date of birth week, however I came right here to support Kanye. The group meets increase later and also Kourtney states ” ns think us should confront Time Scott and show him just how beautiful this is.” once she tries to call him the comes across as unavailable.

Later Scott calls Kim to check up ~ above Kourtney. That tells her “I feel poor that i am no there. We have actually celebrated all of our birthdays together, however I want her to have actually a good time and also enjoy herself and also have her own life.” Kim tells him “She is having a an excellent time with Simon, Jonathan, and Nicole.” This practically stops Scott in his tracks. He claims “It hurts a small bit to hear that Kourtney is having such a great time with other people. I recognize that we are not together and also she has actually her own life.”In

In Iceland, anyone heads out the night prior to Kanye’s video shoot. Kim talks to Kanye and also asks that “Do you want me to be there for your video clip shoot? I might go v you or come later with Kourt and also everyone else.” Kanye tells she “It’s well if friend come v everyone else. Ns am walking to gain up early anyway.” Kim. Kourtney and her team all head out to a gluten cost-free place. Simon asks her “How does it feel?” She speak him “It doesn’t feel any kind of different. The still feels favor I am 21.” Jonathon asks she “What did girlfriend get?” She tells him “Scott sent out me some flowers.” Kim claims “I recognize that Scott wanted to be here to celebrate with Kourtney, yet i think it was nice that he sent her flowers to allow her know he was reasoning of her.”

Lamar and also Rob meet up to have lunch. Lamar asks him “Have you speak to her sister?” Rob tells him “No, Every time we do it turns right into a yelling and also screaming match.” Lamar tells him “You have to talk to her sister. Life is brief man.”As the job wears ~ above kIm starts to freak out due to the fact that she is worried around missing Kanye’s shoot. The cab driver tells them “The hotel is whereby the heliport is.” regrettably by the time they acquire there Kanye is excellent shooting. Kim claims “I am really disappointed that ns didn’t make the shoot and even though Kanye is gift nice

As the work wears top top kIm starts to freak out because she is worried around missing Kanye’s shoot. The cab driver speak them “The hotel is where the heliport is.” unfortunately by the moment they gain there Kanye is done shooting. Kim states “I am really disappointed that ns didn’t make the shoot and also even though Kanye is gift nice i understand he is disappointed as well.”

Khloe is having actually lunch v Scott. Lock talk around Rob. Khloe speak him “Caitlyn texted me that she has actually tried getting to out come Rob, but he isn’t responding to she either.” Scott claims “That has to be weird because that you as soon as he walk from life in your house and also never leaving the house to all of a sudden gift engaged.”

Kim is really upset about missing Kanye’s video shoot. She claims “That was the one thing i come out below to do, and I missed it. I feel yes, really bad. Ns usually have my ingredient together, but this time, ns didn’t and also i don’t recognize what come do.”

The group in Iceland heads the end to try to see the north lights. Kourtney claims “Even despite it was tough to leave the kids I’m glad that Kim and Kanye persuaded me to come out right here with them.” The group decides come drink a toast. Kim and also Kanye go off on their own. Kim claims “Today to be a mistake. This is our critical night in Iceland and also i just want united state to have some alone time. I desire to do what I deserve to to comprise for lacking the shoot.”

Khloe is alone in ~ the theatre as soon as Lamar to walk in v Rob. Khloe states “This is incredibly awkward to have actually Lamar and also Rob walk into the theatre together.” plunder goes over and hugs Khloe who still look at uncomfortable. Khloe says “I to be so glad that Rob is ready to talk, yet we need to gain over this awkwardness.” Lamar asks her “Do you want to walk out with Rob and also China?” Khloe states “No. Rob and I must work some points out, simply the 2 of us. Ns don’t want to go from A to B.” Rob claims “Ok we can do that.”

Everyone return home and Kourtney and Kim space talking. She asks Kim “Where did you men go critical night?” Kim tells her “We saw the studio so he can record a song.” Kourtney asks “Was it just you two?” Kim tells her it was.

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Scott to plan a getaway for him, Kourtney and the kids. The asks her about Iceland and she speak him “We had a an excellent time.” he asks “What did you do?” She tells him “We saw a tomato farm.” Scott laughs and says “You went all the means to Iceland to walk to a tomato farm?” They have actually a an excellent time speak the pigs, cows and other pets with the kids.