Keep her brows perfect between wax appointments v this kit that contains a Brow specifying Pencil, Brow flour Duo and a Tinted Brow Gel, add to Highlighter Pencil and Pink Sharpener, and also a Brush Set. Choose Dark Brown, Brown or Blonde.

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Please keep in mind combinations are restricted when notified the finest of Brows Kit.

Dark Brown includes: Dark Brown specifying Pencil, Dark Brown/Brown powder Duo, Dark Brown Tinted Gel, Tan Highlighter

Brown includes: Brown specifying Pencil, Blonde/Brown powder Duo, Brown Tinted Gel, light Highlighter

Blonde includes: Blonde defining Pencil, Blonde/Brown flour Duo, Blonde Tinted Gel, light Highlighter

If you are in search of a different mix of shades, please purchase items separately.

Use Highlighter Pencil, Brushes and Brow flour Duo day-to-day to preserve your shape and also fill in brows between visits with your brow waxing professional.

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I love mine brow kit. Ns was contemplating micro blading, but I to be reluctant to in reality doing it. I discovered Kelly Baker Brow product and ordered after ~ watching a few video tutorials. So easy to use, and what a beautiful difference it makes. I absolutely LOVE it!!

I to buy the kit. Not just were lock still also light, the brow pencil and powder was very dry, and the kit contained a tan highlight pencil. I have black hair, yet I have actually light skin. I had to order one more highlighter in the only other shade you have, and also give far the other one. I really great your products were more inclusive for females of color. We don't all have actually a dark complexion with dark hair. We are a mixture of everything and also in between. The brow gelatin was the only thing that was OK, just still also brown. I would certainly not bespeak again, means too expensive for just having actually to provide away the products.

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So, just wanna say that i love KB and her job-related she's amazing! i was for this reason excited that i acquired a opportunity to purchase the enlarge bundle through the pencil, brow gel,powder. I obtained the darker alternatives and over all whatever is good except ns wish there to be a "darker" option for the pencil. The one available now has actually a little of one reddish, auburn-ish hint i m sorry isn't horrible yet for me it looked kinda off and also weird because that my complexion. Likewise (which was a complete bummer) was the "high lite" pencil. It was tan (I thought it to be going to be lighter because u know, "high lite" but it wasn't) and also it really didn't look ideal nor did it give me the nice clean fresh look the I'm used to or hoping for. So currently I have to mix and match through other assets to acquire the look I assumed I would be gaining in the very first place. Sooo yeah.