has Kendall Jenner had plastic surgery? for years fans have actually speculated whether the 23-year-old model"s attributes are organic or even if it is she has had plastic surgery. Despite always denying walk under the knife, pan still continue to inquiry whether the model has had actually a nose job and lip injections.

There"s no denying the Jenner"s confront has adjusted since we were very first introduced to she on Keeping Up with The Kardashians. However, kendall was just 13-years-old as soon as she made she TV debut, and also it"s not surprising to consider whether her eyes and also face have just adjusted with age over the previous decade. 

She first addressed the plastic surgical procedure rumours ago in 2017 reports E! News. "It"s every so exhausting. Together a model, why would certainly I have my face reconstructed? the doesn"t also make sense," she created on she app. "It"s crazy since sometimes i feel like civilization just want me to lose."



Younger sisters Kylie Jenner faced years of scrutiny after continually denying she had actually not had actually lip fillers. After lastly admitting to the cosmetic enhancements, Kendall obtained some the the backlash too, with many claiming she had likewise gotten her lips filled. The sister still continue to claim it is "overlining" their lips through lip liner the is the an enig to their fullness. 

Kendall, that has always been concerned as the "natural" Kardashian sister, is the face of Estée Lauder, ProActiv"s newest ambassador and the leading figure in the brand-new generation that supermodels, making her a target for those who believe she"s had actually plastic surgery. 

While reviewing Jenner"s beauty beauty transformation, it"s not difficult to watch why some space convinced. However, it might be a instance of so late blooming because that the star, who"s remained in the public eye since she was just a tween. 

Whether the Victoria"s mystery model has or hasn"t gone under the knife, which she has continuously denied end the years, it"s eventually her decision. 

Take a look at Kendall"s before and after transformation...

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Kendall jenner at the Teen an option Awards

At simply 13-years-of age, kendall was already strutting the red carpet like a pro. Regardless of still sporting her signature right locks, it"s simple to see why fans think the model may have gotten a sleep job, as her face looks significantly different. However, I"m sure every one of us have photo of ourself pre-puberty the look somewhat nothing prefer us. 


Kendall jenner arrives at the Teen selection Awards 2009




Kendall zener attends the Seventeen newspaper poolside party

With Kendall"s modelling career beginning to pick up, the star starts wearing she hair in a format that will allisonbrookephotography.come to be somewhat the a clip for her. Sleeked ago in a bun, jenner really starts to look older and much more mature in she features.

It"s this year that her lips begin to show up noticeably fuller, particularly her peak one. She eyes show up to have actually beallisonbrookephotography.come an ext cat-eye, but in this picture Kendall is put on a pair of full winged eyelashes that could account because that the amplified look. 




Kendall zener arrives in ~ the 2014 MuchMusic video clip Awards

By 2014, jenner is just around everywhere. KUWTK would reach among it"s peaks, through over three million viewers tuning in allisonbrookephotography.come this years premiere episode. This year, it"s not hard to check out the Kardashian influence on Kendall, v the truth star sporting a contoured face, heavy lashes and much much more makeup than fans were supplied to seeing on the organic beauty"s face.

However, her nose shows up the same and her lips room still fairly thin. Feather close up on the picture below, it appears Jenner has drawn a naked liner above her lip line, attempting to provide the figure of a fuller lip. 


Kendall zener attends the Magnum Doubles Party in ~ the annual 69th Cannes movie Festival

In 2016, Jenner"s fans would certainly continually criticise the star because that going "too far" v her lip injections. However, the model continually refuse accusations she had cosmetic enhancements, and maintained it to be clever offers of makeup behind her plump lips. 

2016 was additionally the year fans began to inquiry whether the star had actually done miscellaneous to her eyes and also forehead, as her eyebrows started to look greater up on her challenge than in vault years.

The star does begin sporting lot fuller and also defined eyebrows, which came to be a substantial Instagram trend many thanks to the likes the models Cara Delevingne and also Bambi Northwood Blyth. This left numerous believing the the thickened lines of she brows created an illusion equal to that of surgery.

It"s additionally important to note Kendall"s lack of fake eyelashes here, i beg your pardon could likewise attribute to her eyebrows showing up further far from she face. 



Kendall zener attends the Chopard room Party

By 2017, Kendall"s lips appear fuller than ever, through her pout gift continually allisonbrookephotography.compared to that of she sister Kylie Jenner. Despite being clearly defined in the snapshot below by a darker liner 보다 gloss, there"s no denying Jenner"s lips ended up being significantly larger because 2011. 

With the contouring trend in full swing by 2017 too, it"s easy to watch Jenner"s employed the method down the centre of her sleep to offer off a thinner and elongated feature. 

Jenner has also employed a much an ext natural eyelash look due to the fact that 2015, making she eyes appear fuller and also less cat-eyed than previous years. 


Kendall jenner attends the Vanity fair Oscar Party

In 2018, kendall was named the World"s highest Paid model by Forbes. The 23-year-old banked $22.5 million in the twelve months before June 2018 to optimal the year"s ranking.

Jenner shows up to keep her lips as plump as the previous year, if not an ext so. She nose appears significantly smoother 보다 years ahead too. Plastic surgeon miles Barry said the Daily Mail: "The leg of she nose...could absolutely have to be smoothed surgically. The tip could well be smaller and also rather more refined, again pointing to possible surgery. An different could be that she has had actually the much less invasive procedure the filler injected and this has actually smoothed out the bridge."

Again, zener opts because that a much an ext natural eyelash look 보다 her younger self. 


Jenner"s beauty change remains up because that debate, however a final word top top the matter the star debunked cosmetic surgical procedure theories via her application in 2017. 

She defined that Kylie"s makeup methods were responsible for her transformed appearance after a facebook Live occasion they go together. 

“All the a sudden, picture of united state came out with headlines like, ‘OMG Kendall obtained her lips done and got full facial repair — look at her cheekbones, look at she nose!’ ns was like, this is CRAZY. Ns didn’t even resolve it in ~ the time. Because if I deal with it, civilization are going to be favor ‘Oh, so she defending herself — she need to be guilty,’” jenner wrote. 

Her sister, Kylie Jenner, had previously jokingly accepted responsibility for sparking the rumours after ~ doing she makeup. “You guys, kendall let me overline her lip this particular day with lip liner and everyone thinks she got lip injections. I’m sorry, Kendall,” she claimed on Snapchat.


Kendall jenner walks the Versace fall/winter 2020/2021 at Milan Fashion Week

Although speculation the the elder jenner sister had had a blepharoplasty (brow lift) had actually been rife for years, in beforehand 2020 Jenner"s progressively upturned arches and outer corners led to the rumours allisonbrookephotography.come reemerge sparking an onslaught of articles around the procedure.

Speaking to beautycrew about conjecture that the model had undergone a brow lift at some allude in time, Sydney blepharoplasty surgeon, Dr Angelo Tsirbas said the treatment "involves the injection that fillers and fat the external edge allisonbrookephotography.come elevate the brow" to produce a momentary aesthetic adjust that can last increase to two years.

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Other outlets reported that Jenner might not have actually undergone a surgical brow lift, and instead may have opted for a object lift, a non-surgical therapy that requires inserting small, dissolvable thread right into the confront to "lift" and pull increase the skin, a look the creates the cat-eye appearance of "Instagram face".