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If friend absolutely must take it a Jimmy come a haunted house, always go through Kimmel.Kevin Hart boldly ignored that parable, picking instead to join Tonight Showoverlord Jimmy Fallon for a jaunt through brand-new York"s self-described "premier haunted attraction" Blood Manor. Hart and also Fallon giggled their method through the terror while capturing the entirety thing via a pair that GoPro cameras strapped to their chests.

—Fallon this evening (
FallonTonight) October 14, 2016

"Now last time us hung out, you and I rode a roller coaster. Mental that?" Fallon said before they kicked off their self-inflicted marathon the fake scares. "Yes I perform remember that," Hart stated somberly. "It wasn"t among my best moments."But, hey, doyouremember that? friendly reminder:

As Hart and also Fallon do their method through the charm of Blood Manor, Hart made a confession. "I farted," Hart called Fallon, who appeared oblivious to the admission. No referee here, Kevin. No referee here.

As the nation watched in horror as Hart and Fallon bravely combated the haunts of Blood Manor, news damaged that Hart was teaming up v Ice Cube once again because that the had-to-happen-eventually Ride along 3. Manager Tim Story let the news slip during a chat v the Wrapon Thursday, confirming the pens have hit paper.

"We"re writing the script best now," Story said. "I"m waiting to view some pages and we"re excited because that the idea and what it deserve to be and also of pass Kevin and also Ice Cube back together since they are the greatest odd couple in the world."

Watch the segment below:

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