Cardi B 'victim' come forward after ~ she confessed come drugging and robbing men. Picture: Getty

Cardi B confessed come drugging and also robbing men when she was functioning as a stripper and now the first 'victim' has revealed his story.

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In a resurfaced Instagram Live video, 'Please Me' rapper Cardi B confessed come drugging and also robbing men when she functioned as a stripper before her music job - currently one of her alleged vicxtims has actually come forward.

> Cardi B breaks Silence after Confessing come "Drugging and also Robbing" males In Resurfaced Video

Despite Cardi B issuing a strong statement on Instagram after receiving a vast backlash indigenous the resurfaced video, Kevin blacksmith has claimed that the was one of Cardi B's victims and detailed his story.

In his statement, Kevin Smith claimed that Cardi B robbed him roughly 5 years ago and that she stole his iPod Touch, louis Vuitton belt and $850.

Kevin said: “I to be in new York about five years ago training and also my trainer argued we go to a strip club. Normally, ns would’ve turned the down yet this time I made decision to go. So, boom, us go to the strip club and I accomplish Cardi, I’m feeling her and convinced she to come earlier to the room through me to have a drink. I’d to be drinking currently so I had to piss, I slide to the bathroom and also came earlier and finished turn off my drink”.

"Last point I remembered was she was twerking ~ above me, music blasting and that was it. The following morning, I observed a offered condom ~ above the floor and also then i noticed every the cash I had actually which was around $850, mine Louis Vuitton belt and my iPod touch was missing. I tried call her numerous times but i soon realized she provided me a google voice number.”

Cardi B’s alleged victim added, "I know she did it however I couldn’t prove the so I never went to paper charges mainly since I did not want my fiancée at the moment to recognize what had happened so ns took mine ‘L’. Ns can’t lie, it was absolutely traumatizing and also as a man, you never ever want to recognize you were taken advantage of. No male wants to say #MeToo”.

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According the state of brand-new York, statute constraints mean blacksmith is still able to to press charges regardless of the occurrence being 5 years ago. It is unsure whether blacksmith intends to push charges at this existing moment.