The kid Trax VW Beetle Convertible 12-Volt Battery-Powered Ride-On will have your tiny one cruising about all end the place. It consists of a genuine working FM radio with an MP3 jack. The functioning lights and doors add to the feeling of being in a real car. This kid Trax ride-on is intended for level surfaces and also has a maximum rate of 5 mph. The convertible has an authentic two-tone dash v chrome rims and also details, and a premium translucent windshield. Child Trax strength Trax rubber traction piece tires aid give the vehicle the look and also feel that a vehicle in a pint size. This battery-powered ride-on toy will administer hours that enjoyment for your child. Some assembly is required and the best weight capacity is 130 lbs. Your small one will have fun driving approximately the block in the kid Trax VW Beetle Convertible 12-Volt Battery-Powered Ride-On.


Shipping By waiting ProhibitedCatch load IndicatorConsumer items HeightAgeConsumer items WidthConsumer item LengthCapacity/VolumeConsumer LifestageConsumer article WeightFabric Or product DescriptionChannelColor NameBrandWidthWeightDepthCare InformationHeightLengthCountry that OriginType the Toy – Ride-on (Powered)
Child 2 year +
Pacific Cycle
52 Inch
wipe with clean cloth
Electronic Toy Car

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